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Name the Game



Must be monkey island?


Lmao no. :joy:

It’s older than MI…


King’s Quest?


Nope… Alright, another hint:

We played it on Chrono before.






Zog… Now I have to think of one.

“The world as we know it is ruined; crumbling and cracked, ancient wreckage sits abandoned. However, it is not without life. Things grow, and inevitably compete for space. You must grow in the right directions and become greener pastures!”


i have no idea what it might be but i hope its all just a metaphor


Mushroom 11?


Very, very good!


Yay! Now, let’s hope I don’t kill this game with something too difficult again. Here goes.

Any guesses?


Ummmmm… Pyre?


You got it!


:sweat_smile: Why do I do this to myself…

All aboard the U.S.S Quirk! Captain James T Quirk, here to guide you on a musical journey through a sprawling sandbox featuring the best alt pop songs I could find on the radio yesterday. Nah, I am just kidding dawg. It’s me the tutorial! Cause, you know, your playing this cool, super random game! We all know your such a cool skater that I don’t need to explain how freaking sick this game is. Kickflips and ollies got nothing on us! Grind on anything, shoot some baddies, get some points. I mean, there is a story, but lets all just laugh at how funny my jokes are! You don’t even need a board! Tumblr!
I’m so random!


Sunset Overdrive.

I’ve never played it, but Jacksepticeye made some videos playing it years ago, and it looked crazy and like a ton of fun. Even made me consider getting an XBone just to play this game.


Nice! Truth be told I never played it either, but I wrote the synopsis based entirely on my perceptions of the games tone and overall gameplay.

Happy someone was able to get it.


Aw hell yeah :smile: For someone who never played it, you definitely nailed the general vibe of the game. Those are some old memories you’ve woken up there, I watched those JSE videos about 3 or 4 years ago, when I was at the height of my fandom for him. Now I kinda wanna revisit them, or jump on Ebay to get me that XBone and the game to play it myself :laughing:


It was ported to PC a year ago.