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Name the Game



Do you play both character?


Technically yes, but outside of some tutorials and 1 option mission you can pick which one you play as.


Shoot… did I kill it?

I can do better I swear!!! BUMP.

Here’s another one:

We have time on our hands… How about another game? So, now our hero is setting out to finally put a stop to these bandits, you have defeated their queen and her lackey and now the king remains. The map is laid out, he is provisioned, coin pouch almost empty and carrying only the sparsest equipment. What will he do?
Traveling down that road? Ah, there is an old hermit on this stretch of road, you speak with him? Well, succeed here and events will be put into motion, new things will be seen. Shame, no such luck. Perhaps you will meet this hermit again, and luck will be on your side. Your provisions are still holding out, though lighter than before.
Ah! Now you travel in this direction? I am afraid that there is more to this place than you first expected… TIME PASSES…
A pity, your hero could not overcome this challenge… It seems that you simply couldn’t deal with the hand fate dealt you. His death however has brought some good news, you completed a smaller challenge and so I shall reward.
My challenge remains, and you aren’t going anywhere… So it seems we have some time on our hands, how about another game?

I think this might be a bit easier for folks.


I don’t think the previous one was too hard, but I don’t think it’s a game I’ve played or heard of at all. But there was enough detail given that I think someone who did should be able to tell. I was thinking about games like Ratchet and Clank, Jak and dexter or the like but while I have not played those either I couldn’t find any info that matched yours.

Anyway this new one is by far too easy. : )




hmm, i wonder if this is the game that defeats us all :thinking:… if fraggles doesn’t know it, what hope is there for the rest of us mere mortals

edit. PS i’m “ignoring” the new one, as i’m attempting to see if some google fu might prove useful for the first one…


hehe glad you said it first :blush: -that way i don’t have to come up with one atm :wink:

argh :tired_face: this sounds so familiar, like half of it is ripped directly out a narrative, or like it was a line in a movie i watched last month but can’t recall…

just scavenging for work and cash in this ****hole. So you took the job that seemed too good to be true, and you ended up getting in far deeper than you intended. You need to help this idiot not get killed so you can cash out.

man, i can almost hear the voice in my ears saying these exact words…
(tho for some reason it sounds like the voice of Krieg in my head atm :confounded:) :man_facepalming:


Does this sound vaguely like Of Orcs and Men?


i mean sure, if you go for @hivefleetbothan’s whole description, that could probably be it…? :man_shrugging:
but it’s still not the voice i have in my head that’s driving me mad with that small snippet of dialogue… :dizzy_face: :crazy_face:


By Jove i think he’s got it.


Indeed @xist it is in fact Of Orcs and Men! The number of times that Styx refers to places as ****holes necessitated adding it into the description.

also @harith I am surprised that you got that one… I figured for sure everyone was going to guess it was hand of fate… but YOU, you saw through my cunning ruse…

@Gnuffi I think the ‘down on your luck, hardened killer who took a job that turned out to be more than it seemed’ could be used to describe most action films…


y, im good like that :sunglasses:


If that’s the correct answer for your “easier riddle”, then @kylehayman361 (post deletion is no escape!) technically got the game right before I posted my guess, which means it’s his turn now.


indeed. that was the correct answer…


work it out amongst thyselves then let me know, I don’t care if I get a turn I’ve had enough already.


It’s worked out…it’s your turn. :stuck_out_tongue:



This game in question poses 4 heroes with the absurd task of repenting using cold hard lead. the theme here is to keep killing randomly generated procedurally harder bosses and enemies whilst saving a few NPCs here and there until you reach the chamber in which your prized tool lies, which is just a couple of feet behind a dragon of sorts, Don’t worry he doesn’t bite. But once you’ve reached the fabled alter in which the apparatus lies… A blacksmith shall tell thee you still need to do more… harder things… before you can get your wish.

I left something in there that I shouldn’t have so it probably made it easy, everyone notices when I edit it anyway.


sounds very borderlands 2 but it can’t be because I’m never correct


Sunset Riders.


don’t be so harsh, it isn’t but it’s okay xD

nope not even heard of it :stuck_out_tongue:

@Gnuffi, @Fraggles, @DanosaurJr and @YQMaoski own this game.