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My Time At Portia - 7/25/20 - $11.99


Today’s deal is My Time At Portia!



The official trailer for My Time At Portia:

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And here’s a review from Our Cute Little Dino, @yoshirules:


This is one I have and got to play a little of before GeForce now decided it doesn’t like me, at all. It’s bright, pretty, full of adorable creatures to fight or tame, including the llamas! :heart:

Random games of rock, paper, scissors as an icebreakers was a hilarious surprise too. In general, you’re supposed to restore your dad’s old workshop, but you can also ‘plant the corn’, cook, learn new recipes and of course, court the spouse of your dreams. In my case, he’s blond and a bit cold, but eh, any guy that cares for his little sister that well can’t be all bad?

Lots of nice NPCs, even a gossipy girl, if you like to natter. Would be playing it now if I could. Easy recommend.


Need to get around buying it one day.


I did not get into this. Theres a million things you can do right from the start and you get a request to build a bridge that requires a whole heep of different resources and machines.
For me, this led to a lack of progression and becoming overwhelmed.

But the game itself was fine, just not for me.


Was it timed? I am thinking that game doesn’t have the time crunch stress of Harvest Moon, for instance.


The bridge one? No. Some of the other construction requests are however. You get a choice between several at the “quest” board.


Anyone who is able to operate a computer should get Portia.
It is a FANTASTIC, wonderful, wholesome, cute, amazing, fantastic game.
You do everything at your own pace and the optional quests that are timed have so long time, you’d literally have to fall asleep at your keyboard to fail them.
One of the most popular mods is in fact that you can pick up more optional quests per in-game day because it’s just silly how long time you have on them.

I am SOOOOOOOOO hyped for the sequel


Don’t get how you get overwhelmed, it’s in fact extremely linear if you ignore optional quests (which you can do at any time whenever you want).
Did you accidentally pick up timed dailies too early? The game does tell you you shouldn’t do that.

The game is literally “you have to do this, then you have to do this, then you have to do this” and you can’t do anything before that.


Ehhh… It’s alright.
I was having a decent bit of fun with it for about 60-70h or so and then it started feel incredibly samey and repetitive. The interaction with the townspeople starts to feel shallow and gamey. Every main story line quest is basically the same and once you start working with Carbon Steel Bars that’s the only thing you’ll be making for months, sure there’s a couple of material levels above it but they’re required in such small amounts while CSBs are a constant production bottleneck. I was trying to stick to it hoping the factory upgrade would shake things up a bit, but it didn’t.

The game failed to engage me long enough to finish it’s main story line.

I think you might have a better experience with it than me if you’re someone who don’t care about efficiency, wasting of resources and think games like these are “relaxing”. Though I’d still recommend Stardew Valley over this one.


Well that’s pretty decent amount of time for any game to get played me thinks.


Problem is the contextual situation of that “fun”, you can enjoy something for a while but if you don’t get a payoff or an end to it that sours the experience even if you did have fun for the duration. Especially if you’ve also then added another 50h on top that was kind of tiresome before just giving up.

Same way something that can be frustrating and annoying for days becomes a really amazing experience once you’ve reached the end of it and succeeded, if the final payoff was worth the suffering and struggle put into it. Like camping or dark souls.


…That oversized baby chick in the trailer is so cute and adorable, I want to PUNT IT.


I quit after 11h, it’s cute but it gets repetitive very quickly imo

fuck, just noticed it’s made in China, def. uninstalling now :scream:


Oh my God, it’s OK to be aware of Chinese code, but Portia doesn’t even have a bloody netcode. It’s not like it can share anything WHEN IT DOESN’T HAVE ANY NETCODE AT ALL.
Just stop.
It’s OK to be aware, but it’s a singleplayer game with literally zero netcode. It doesn’t even have LOCAL netcode.
There isn’t any magical way a software can share your data … when it literally has no netcode.
There is being aware, and then there is being just outright stupid paranoid.
Don’t hate on an independent company trying to do their best when their games doesn’t even access the internet.


OK look, you won’t believe it but games get updated regularly which can change the code up and secondly it means I spent on China which I try not to do.

(hm thinking about it, in theory one could prob code something without network access to just hijack another app which does have network access, you know)

but hey, calling ppl stupid is easier Mr Smartass, ffs


Portia is made in Unity.
Unity can’t integrate code into their EXE (hence why Denuvo is basically useless on Unity, it has to be a separate DLL that can simply be skipped).
If Portia MAGICALLY got netcode in some MAGICAL way that MAGICALLY managed to work MAGICALLY in a UNITY game based on a UNITY version WITHOUT NETCODE SUPPORT … then the netcode would have to be a separate DLL that we know exactly what is and is signed and only would work with Peer-to-Peer serverless connections.

So tired of you paranoid people that knows f all about IT. Go out and protest against 5G towers causing COVID-19 or whatever other stupid paranoid stuff you got going instead of posting your paranoid stuff here. We don’t need that stupidity here.


You’ve just explained exactly how the feared event could actually happen. Maybe you do, but I sure don’t go check every game after every update MAGICALLY pushed out to see what new dll files they may or may not have included and I bet you most people don’t, or would even know what it meant if they happened to see one.

There is an element of trust involved with allowing software developers to push out updates to your installed software, some companies may well be less deserving of that trust. What side of that trust one person decides a company falls on is of none of your concern, educate if you wish but leave all the insults and hyperbole out of it.

It’s certainly true that most people do not have great insights into how shit works, but I bet you you’ll be hard pressed to find a security expert who wouldn’t rejoice at the thought of the uninitiated opting to fall on the side of caution.


I explained how it COULDN’T happen, since it wouldn’t allow for a predestined network connection. It will only allow for Peer-to-Peer on session basis.


The name calling needs to stop.:disappointed: