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My Time At Portia - 12/29/19 - $13.99


Today’s deal is My Time At Portia!




Ah, Portia, the jewel of the green fields, with beautiful weather and people so charming and warm, you’ll feel like family. What better place to spend the rest of your days tilling the Earth and harvesting its bounties? But don’t let the quirky atmosphere and Ghibli vibes fool you. It takes time to be a farmer, and even more to be a good friend, which is why, as the Portia Chamber of Commerce, we have decided that our new slogan is “Portia: A Town You Can Get Addicted To!”

Don’t believe us? Just look at your Pa’s decrepit old workshop! Not only is fixing something old the quickest way down good old memory lane, but it’s gratifying too, like getting achievements except in real life, except in this case, it also happens to be part of a game! And the best part is, in Portia, it really doesn’t matter which! (As long as you’re hanging out with us, that is!) And what about all the planters and automated sprinkler systems you can fix up to farm your crops? Don’t YOU ever find yourself wishing Cookie Clicker had more to do? Now is your time!

And most important to any place you could spend an almost unhealthy amount of time, there’s tons of ways to track your progress that involves getting access to more furniture with which you can decorate your home! Real life works like this too, except in Portia, the money is imaginary! We love it when you farm and hang out with us, but really, all we’re ever aiming for here in town to give you that same positive energy you used to feel putting in the infinite money cheat in The Sims. So please, come on down to Portia. Your time here will be some of the best you’ll ever spend.

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there he is!


It’s been there a few days…I just set it free…The scheduling must have been off…


10/10 IGN


The game could be so much more with multiple player, but from what I could play (it performs pretty bad for me) it was really fun. If you like open world farming games, this just might be for you! :slight_smile:


I see Team17 provided more than one game to be featured on Cool! A game that allows me to date and spar someone is my cup of tea! Plus I like punching things with large gloves. I enjoy long walks on the beach, followed by sucker punching my romantic interest the next da… CRACK! OW! Good one honey! Dang she’s faster than m… CRACK! OW!


Good game but there were better deals for it before ie the Humble Monthly