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My Big Sister - 6/25/19 - $2.49


Today’s deal is My Big Sister!





Have you ever sat there talking to someone and legit had the thought: “Wait a minute, is this person I’m talking to…dead?” Now listen, I have no idea how relevant that question is to today’s game or not, but when the game is short, sweet, and full of spoilers and multiple endings, it would be a disservice to you all if I really gave you any actual hints as to what’s going on. Like, I bet if you hadn’t seen Endgame, and I just started freely talking about its themes, you’d probably hit me or yell at me, right?

But what if while you were doing that I turned out to be dead? It’s a spooky idea, right? Like, if I am, immediately you know something’s up, because people as youthful and sexy as myself don’t just die on a lark. If you were talking to me one second and I was dead the next, it might be time to give Hellboy a call, or hell, if you’re in New York, you could even call the Ghostbusters, because at that point you KNOW something creepy’s going down.

But then what if the Ghostbusters show up, and Egon, Winston, Peter, and Ray bound out of their car, and they bust me and chuck me in a ghost trap…and then you realize “Wait a minute, didn’t Egon die in 2014?” And then the whole cycle starts over, and the question of “Who you gonna call?” really starts to sound a lot more desperate…look, again, I have no idea what this is about (or do I?), but if this question intrigues you, maybe pick up a copy My Big Sister today. It’s less than three bucks, right?

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This is the lowest My Big Sister has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $2.99 on Steam.

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