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Mugsters - 12/28/19 - $3.70


Today’s deal is Mugsters!



The official trailer for Mugsters:

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would it be ok for me to ask about the number of games you have queued up for the daily deal usually?
does it fluctuate?
do dates matter? like do publishers ask for a specific date? or do you have some days where there must be a deal that fills a special criteria?

sorry my reply is a bit off topic :stuck_out_tongue:


@anyamtikja, you may want to revive @RaccoonV’s thread here:


The trailer sure looks 'splodey.


The missions are small but rather challenging, beyond the initial introductory tutorial missions. It’s actually a really fun way to set up a game. Some really funky stuff you can do in there. When I played right at launch, there were some bugs at mission ends, but I assume those have been long fixed.