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Moving Out - 6/28/20 - $18.74


Today’s deal is Moving Out!





Look, yes, we realize the world is a different place than we imagined it would be six months ago. Yes, stuff is weird, and everytime it feels like we make any headway, the latest news is that we’re right back where we started. It can…kind of grate on you after a while, yeah? But what do you do when all else fails? When your hands are tied and nothing is allowed, how can one really claim to be “living life”? Different people will tell you the answer is different things, but odds are, if you’re reading this, it’s probably playing more video games than ever before.

Now, before you start judging us for trying to make it seem like a game about moving furniture around is escapist enough for these trying times, let us hit you back with a thought or two: everyone needs to sit on stuff. If you have anything at all, you’re going to need to put it away somewhere, right? And no matter what, people still need soft crap to sleep on. So today, instead of us all powerlessly wringing our hands and scrolling down our collective timelines, let’s at least pretend we’re out there helping each other out, you know? And if you’re lucky enough to be sequestered away with some buddies, that’s extra immersion, you know?

Nothing is more natural and relaxing than rollin’ deep over to a friend’s place and splitting some pizzas and beer as you collectively struggle to get all their stuff moved in, and while you can always dress like it’s ren faire and swordfight a bunch of dudes in your room alone all night, this is a game about something we really can’t do right now, and come on, it’s a beautiful day, isn’t? So why not go help someone move in?

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I hope ottokorrekt realizes Team17 is the publisher. I have difficulty gauging SMG Studio’s strength in games, since their portfolio is, well… All over the place. I don’t know what genre they enjoy working on the most. This game is very popular with streamers though, so that’s a definite plus.