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Move or Die - 11/15/19 - $3.49


Today’s deal is a Move or Die!





Look, we don’t make any of the games we sell here, so you know, it isn’t really our call, but to us, before we put hands on the game, we thought the name “Move or Die” was a liiiiiittle too aggro for something you’re trying to sell to people beyond those few crazy adrenaline junkies who really would love being put in a situation with those parameters. Remember when that guy stepped on the mine in Kingsman 2? No? Well don’t worry about it, it was just a really scary scenario, and now that we’re really looking at it, it’s really more the exact opposite of this, so whatever.

But then we played it, and we realized how literal that title actually is. Much like a fun-loving bandana-wearing bandit of the type who might rob your steam train at a theme park, this game shoots the floor beneath your feet and spits out a big tobacco juice stream into a dusty brass vessel in the corner before commanding you to

“DANCE, pardner! Hahahahaha!” And it doesn’t let up til you or all your friends are dead.
So please, gamers, do not be put off by such an aggressive sounding title, this game really does mean it, but to be honest with you, it’s really quite cute, it’s great for parties, and if you squint, you can pretend you finally got your hands on that sweet mooninites game you’ve been dreaming about for a decade and a half. If you think about it, we really couldn’t have handled this any better at all.

The official trailer for Move or Die:

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As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with.


Are we not getting new coin shop games this time around?


We are! Just a tiny bit behind schedule, keep your eyes peeled ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I thought it was well over 20,160 minutes :rofl:


This is a pretty fun Multiplayer party game. I just never had people to play with before, so I only played a little. If anyone here wants to get in on a game, feel free to let me know!


This is really fun. Check out one of’s partner FFSTV if you don’t mind adult language being used. Huge variety of minigames (and rulesets that change the minigames) at a breakneck pace:


My friend has it. It’s tons of fun if you have the things for it (aka friends and gamepads, friends are definitely harder to acquire tho). I’d buy it if I had friends close by :<