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Monster Sanctuary - 7/4/20 - $11.99


Today’s deal is Monster Sanctuary!




So we’ve all gotten to point one way or another where we all fantasize about having some sort of video game monster sidekick as our best friend, right? Pokemon counts. But in a world without Pokeballs, is travelling with six powerfully magic creatures even viable? When we were kids and used to watch Brock the Pokemon breeder whip up some insane snack for his little buddies while on the road, but what happens if your monster sidekick is enormous and eats two pigs per day?

Are you really goin’ out into the woods to tend to the needs of six different creatures? Like, honestly, you’ll probably end up super strong and super disciplined if you succeed, but I don’t think most people think about many bathroom stops that is, not to mention all the word of cleaning and preparing the food. And what about training? Pokemon level up through battle, sure, but you know you gotta practice with them to make perfect, right? Can you imagine trying to run that afternoon workout class? With like, an ice wolf, a fire moth, and FOUR others?

It’s crazy. But luckily for you, none of that stuff IS actually real, and we’re just here to sell you a video game about it. Traverse the map with creatures you meet along the way, and like Samus or Alucard before you, the more you explore, the more you’ll be ABLE to explore next time, just, you know, with monster abilities instead of items or keys. Though sometimes technically the creature will have it’s own weapon or tool, but we’re not trying to hold these things up to the same intelligence standards as a human, you know? These ones don’t even say their own names…

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I’ve seen this title lurking around the forums, but can’t recall why. Would have to searchies.


…Is he wearing a pimp’s hat?


It’s a Red Mage type hat, so, yes.


Strong advocate for this game if you like monster-battlers. Here’s my review on Steam, which I’ve got pasted below (feel free to give it a thumbs-up on Steam if you find it useful):

A strong recommend for any monster-battling genre fan, whether casual or competitive.


The combat system is nuanced and different from most games, opting for a 3v3 style rather than the traditional 1v1 or even 2v2. This allows for the skill trees of monsters to synergize whether they cover each others weaknesses, or act to stack buffs. The various compositions that you can unlock and put together are extremely satisfying. I don't play Pokémon competitively but am a long-time fan, and can clearly see that both sides of the genre (casual and competitive) will enjoy the combat system in this game, which makes interesting use of a combo/priority order mechanic as well. The 'trainer vs. trainer' 6v6 fights are amazing as well and encourage having a diverse roster. Meanwhile, the metroidvania aspect of the overworld is pleasing – challenging yet not particularly difficult platforming, that is unlocked and aided by the various monster overworld skills that you unlock. My favorites are the gliding and swimming ones.



If you enjoy pixel art or were a fan of Terraria, you'll feel right at home here. Animations are nice, level design is varied, and backgrounds have been given a reasonable amount of detail for an early access game. In the future, I would love to see a lighting system overhaul with more dynamic lighting, for those with stronger systems to run the game on.



Music is quite solid, perhaps not at an Undertale level but shows great style and is more than capable of getting that excited/nervous feeling going whenever you fight a strong enemy in the storyline, or the boss monster of a dungeon.



Currently I am at 11 hours played, and I have at least two more zones to go through. If you're thorough in your exploration of the various areas, you can expect that at this point, the game will provide approx. 15 hours of gameplay – assuming no participation in online PvP, or fighting in the Keeper tower's "infinite arena". While you can also re-challenge past bosses to get a higher rating and maybe even obtain an egg for the boss monster's species, I don't see this game having a high replayability if you choose not to engage in online battling. With that said, I can recommend this game on sale, as well as at full price, despite the fact that they are still adding content.


Concluding Thoughts

Anyone who enjoys the traditional Pokémon or Digimon games, etc. owes it to themselves to get this game for themselves. There's a demo available, which I highly recommend trying if you're interested in this game. If you're reading reviews like this one, you're probably already interested. The demo has a lot of content, and allows you to get a proper feel for what the game is like. Some of the best aspects that I liked were choosing your 'starter' (four beasts with differing stats and playstyles), a mix-up on the traditional elemental type-advantages, and a nuanced combat system that makes various playstyles viable including shielding and buffing, DPS strike teams, debuffing, or even status infliction. The ratings on this game at the time of posting for Steam reviews is 97%, and I can see the game being a great success in the future. Content seems to be added fairly regularly, and there's already a good amount to play through as well.