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MONSTER HUNTER WORLD: Iceborne Master Edition Deluxe - $18.99/$44.99/$54.99 - 2/18/20


Today’s deal is MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD!

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Listen, we can sit here and pretend we’re excited to be selling Monster Hunter World AND Iceborne for historical lows because it’s they’re and incredible team-based action experience with awesome graphics, imaginative monsters, and intuitive controls, and all of that is true, but if for one minute you think there’s anything better that a video game can provide for you than a beautifully detailed and whimsical cinematic of a hardy little cat with a bunch of tough guy scars skillfully and meticulously preparing an absolutely delectable pre-hunt meal, you’re not only in denial, you’re also just plain stupid. Don’t even get me started on the Granmeowster.

Like, it was always fun to eat food in these games because of how much your character seems to relish all that delicious grub they set down in front of you before you head out on the trail, but at max settings on PC, as all those beautiful skewers and crispy cuts of fried pork are laid out by a cat with a better chef energy than Andy Serkis in Peter Jackson’s King Kong, even Ignis can eat his heart out, because no matter what he makes, he’s still not a cat who walks on two legs and could kick your ass in a fight.

So do yourselves a favor, frugal gamers, and buy Monster Hunter World today on our website, not only because it’s truly great and you’ll enjoy your time with it, but also to send a message to Capcom that yes, your efforts to perfectly digitize food have not gone unnoticed, and the more of it there is for us to see in your games, the better.

The official trailer for MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD

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This is the lowest MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $19.79 on Steam, as well as Iceborne Master Edition which was a previous low of $47.95 on GameBillet, AS WELL AS Iceborne Master Edition Deluxe which was a previous low of $60.94 on WinGameStore

As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!


You know what’s sad? Even in the frosty environment of Iceborne’s DLC, I STILL incinerate all of my food. And it’s all because I refuse to pay attention to the musical prompt. Everybody knows tender meat takes hours of roasting! (I actually had more to say regarding cooked food, but I think I’ll trigger a meme if I do.)


I have been eyeing this game for years and years now and never did cave in and buy it.

Should i ? … shouldnt i?


Aw I wish had the money to throw at this. If only because I want my own Palico.


Pretty good deal on the base game imo. Master’s edition doesn’t add all that much compared to the regular expansion (just some cosmetic things), but you can’t start the expansion until you’ve finished the base game anyways and there’s plenty of content in the base game. You do miss out on the new weapon mechanics that were added in the expansion though.


As a long-time MHW player, kind of bummed out that there isn’t a deal where you can just get the Iceborne DLC without the base game.

Otherwise it would’ve been an instant buy.


Is the master edition 2 sperate keys? One for base game and one for dlc? Would be perfect to pick up and gift the base game.


Is it like traditional MMO or you just hunt the big guys and that’s it?


Not traditional MMO at all. The game is all about hunting the big guys, anything you do in between is prep work for hunting the big guys.

While the game is undoubtedly meant to be played with other people I’ve heard the way the MP works is convoluted and stupid. Forcing you to jump through a lot of hoops and loading screens in order to get your team to join your quest in progress.

Maybe they’ve fixed that issue, but it looked like a rather fundamental problem that’d require fairly substantial redesigning of the way the game handles online interaction.

Any active player here have more up to date information on this?


So it’s like destiny? You have hub with other people and onve you leave its more or less solo dungeon unless you join with a group?


Having played neither Destiny nor MHW I’d be hesitant to say, but from my impressions of either I think so.

Except in MHW you can’t just enter the “dungeon” with a group. Everyone have to enter their own instance first, progress the hunting quest to a certain point at which point you can send out a request for your allies to join you or something. Then they start getting loaded into your instance but with the loading times being what they are by the time they’re in you’re nowhere near them anymore and… it looked a right mess to be honest.


Thank you for the information! Im looking for some game to scratch my multiplayer itch while it wouldnt call in my frankly terrible competitive side ( like rainbow six siege, i just lose my cool in games like that too quickly ) . I was considering MHW and Hunt Showdown for a while now.

Though i keep on missing free weekends of Hunt to actually try it out for myself …


So kinda like Dark Souls and their terrible co-op system. That’s a bummer :frowning:


Well Dark Souls is not a coop game in a first place. Summoning a helper is only supposed to be last measure and just to help you in a specific place so it’s coop system works fine for what it was made for.


I understand that it is a great single player series but IMO when they added a co-op system they also made it a co-op type game. People like me do not enjoy playing with random people and the way they made the system that is exactly what it is for. It is not easy to get your friends in to help you with the boss fights and as someone that mainly plays co-op games and only plays with friends and family, this system doesn’t work well for us. I also do not understand why they made helpers look the way they did, ugh. I am glad you enjoy it but this system is not for us.


The multiplayer system isn’t that bad, since you can join a mission with someone in your session before the hunt begins and then you start it together. Alternatively, you can SOS after the hunt begins so that random players can join.

It’s just a pain for story missions since you have to watch all the cutscenes solo before you do the mission with a party.


Not sure who to @ here excatly but @Ernin8t0r , @lonin do you guys by a chance have any unsold keys left for base game? I know i’m like thousand years late to this , but i’m a sloth and that’s forgivable i guess :smiley:


Unfortunately we don’t. :frowning:


Np,thanks for the answer :slight_smile: