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Monster Hunter World - 9/9/20 - $19.99


Today’s deal is Monster Hunter World!




The official trailer for Monster Hunter World:

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I hope eventually they do the DLC sale (not the full pack game).


As an experienced rookie, I can say that there is a lot to learn besides what the game initially teaches you. Like using the insect glaive to climb up a cliff, for example. Or using the hammer to hit teammates to safety or into the monster for bonus damage. The game is as easy or hard as you make it. I personally love it.


Huh… D’oh!!!

Also Iceborne has a typo in the purchase option.


I can mostly second what piglins have said here. It’s a really good game but it’s also not for everyone , as ‘original’ as it sounds. I think i have clocked at ~80 hours and well … found myself bored of it .

It is very mechanically deep , but at the same time end game just boils down to killing same monsters over and over again and for someone who isin’t that much into min-maxing stats and generally grinding for the best possible numbers it can grow old fast after completing main story line.