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MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD - 9/12/19 - $25.99


Today’s deal is MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD!





Listen, we can sit here and pretend we’re excited to be selling Monster Hunter World for less than half of what it normally costs because it’s an incredible team-based action game with awesome graphics, imaginative monsters, and intuitive controls, and all of that is true, but if for one minute you think there’s anything better that a video game can provide for you than a beautifully detailed and whimsical cinematic of a hardy little cat with a bunch of tough guy scars skillfully and meticulously preparing an absolutely delectable pre-hunt meal, you’re not only in denial, you’re also just plain stupid.

Like, it was always fun to eat food in these games because of how much your character seems to relish all that delicious grub they set down in front of you before you head out on the trail, but at max settings on PC, as all those beautiful skewers and crispy cuts of fried pork are laid out by a cat with a better chef energy than Andy Serkis in Peter Jackson’s King Kong, even Ignis can eat his heart out, because no matter what he makes, he’s still not a cat who walks on two legs and could kick your ass in a fight.

So do yourselves a favor, frugal gamers, and buy Monster Hunter World today on our website, not only because it’s truly great and you’ll enjoy your time with it, but also to send a message to Capcom that yes, your efforts to perfectly digitize food have not gone unnoticed, and the more of it there is for us to see in your games, the better. Don’t pretend you didn’t notice that perfect breakfast sandwich that somehow became the real star of the first few minutes of that Resident Evil 2 Remake opening. We saw it, and we drooled, Capcom. We drooled.

The official trailer for MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD

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If anyone is somehow on the fence for this game, just buy it. The claim made a long time ago that this game is tailored more to a Western audience, by removing everything that made Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter is not even remotely true. Even Japanese gamers enjoy this installment.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, good. Because it simply isn’t true. The only criticism I have about this game is that it’s not cross-play which frustrates me. My friends are on PS4, while I’m on PC. So… DANG IT! (I already bought this game before. I think it was through a previous sale on


This is the 6th time this game has been on sale here, dang