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MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD - $34.99 - 5/25/19


Today’s deal is MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD!





Boy oh boy, everybody! You know, typically, we don’t act like any game excites us more than another one, but yo! Monster Hunter World is on sale today for 42% off, and we’re more excited about it than when the Rath Ruby drops on our first try! So, if somehow you’ve been living under a rock or something and haven’t yet picked up this game, now is the time, baby! Chrono has your back!

Oh, and by the way, in case you don’t know, Monster Hunter World is THE premiere triple-A meat-cooking that exists, and most of the fun comes from starting to cook it and knowing the exact right time to take it off the fire and scarf it. There’s lots of games there about cooking, but when Monster Hunter World came onto the scene, it blew everyone else out of the water. Sure there’s a bunch of other stuff to do and fight and collect to get you deeper and deeper into the different enormous arenas in this game, but it’s cooking the meat perfectly that warms you to your soul, and it’s what people love more than practically anything else.

And yes, of course, if cooking’s not your thing, you can always have someone cook FOR you, but here’s the thing: it’s gonna be a cat who does it, and maybe it’s just us, but why would you let a creature who walks on the same hands they cook with prepare food for you? And honestly, if you’re not the one cooking, you cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn’t grow. You didn’t improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing. You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained. It’s sad that you don’t know the difference.

The official trailer for MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD

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Damn it, I already own this. :sweat_smile:


This looks like a cool game and wanted it at release but I just can’t afford it right now… still got plenty of games and too little time to play them anyway :sweat_smile: