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MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD - $34.99 - 3/9/19


Today’s deal is MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD!





To Whom it May Concern:

So I don’t know if this letter is actually going to reach anyone or not, but if this DOES end up in front of the village leaders like I want, let it first be known that I’m an experienced hunter by trade, and nothing makes me happier than going out into the wilderness, tracking a monster down, and killing it for parts. And what’s more, I believe in being respectful of your quarry and preparing yourself for every hunt to the best of your ability.

Now, I know to a lot of hunters, a big part of that is making sure you eat a nice big meal before hitting the road, and once again, let me compliment your village specifically for having some of the best hunting food I’ve ever tasted in my life. However, I couldn’t help noticing that pretty much every step of the way, the meal was being tended to by a gang of well intentioned but nevertheless pretty unsanitary group of super smart cats.

Now, I know in this world cats are smart and they can do basically anything a human can, and believe me, it’s a gift that I definitely support with almost every fiber of my being, but in this one case, I don’t see how an animal who walks on the same paws he cooks with and doesn’t wear gloves will ever make me feel comfortable about eating in that canteen. So please, don’t fire the cat, just get him something to put on his paws while cooking. This guy doesn’t even have thumbs and I would hate for him to lose his job over something where a latex glove would do.

Thanks for reading and thanks for letting me stay in your village,
Joey The Monster Hunter

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Is this the lowest it’s ever been? Hahahaha



But ITAD says it IS the current best :smiley:

You will not find this currently anywhere else for less! If it’s been on your list, and you want it, you best make a few clicks to make it happen!


It’s 2$ more than the lowest it’s ever been…legitimately. I’ve been playing MHW a whole bunch recently…and tying up my roommates library in the process. Couldn’t ask for a better timed sale. :smiley:


this daily is


My opinion on Monster Hunter World from the last time it was on a big sale at Chrono:

This game is a no-brainer if you love big boss fights, equally big weapons, and the idea of taking down huge monsters with friends. The graphics are great, the ability for mods is fun, and the core gameplay is honestly addictive. Nothing feels better than finally getting the hang of a weapon, and being able to knock a boss down as it charges against you.

I would say that this game is meant more for those who are wanting a careful playstyle – MHW rewards risk, but calculated risk. This is by no means a hack’n’slash, and later on a miscalculated move can end up in you being one-shot.

The multiplayer base is still going strong, particularly with the recent release of the Kulve Taroth for PC, a 16-player siege boss. Players are generally quite helpful, with a very low toxicity factor. My favorite part of this game is the fact that the boss attacks are learnable, yet the choreographing of their movement looks natural and fluid – like you’re fighting a monster, not a piece of code with routines.

These are some of my killscreens from the game, which I think says a lot about the nature of Monster Hunter: World and how honestly insane the hunts are.

Overall, this game is worth the slightly heavier pricetag; I myself have over 100 hours in it and as a law school student, I really shouldn’t have been able to put that much time into the game since its release in late August, which I think says a lot.

I love the game. I recommend doing your research and watching some early gameplay to see if it’s what you like, but if the idea appeals to you, I highly recommend picking up MHW. It’s a unique experience, and there’s a reason it’s such a long-lasting franchise and definer of its own genre.

In short: if you can get down with calculated timing of attacks and not just mindless button-mashing, cool-looking big weapons against even bigger monsters, then you’ll probably like MHW.

EDIT: the original post says 100 hours; I am now at 125. Plus, an expansion DLC is coming out soon that is (actually) worth getting.