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MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD - 12/26/18 - $34.99


Today’s deal is MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD!





Hey dude, thanks for grabbing some coffee with me. I don’t usually do this, but I really had a good time hangin’ with you at the party, and I’m glad we made the move to actually hang IRL.

Absolutely, dude. I had a great time!

Sweet! Well then, I guess I’ll starting by asking, like, what is it you do?

Me? Like for work?


I’m a…you’re not gonna like this.

Try me. We’re basically homies, now!

Okay, fine. I’m a Monster Hunter.


You’re a Monster Hunter, like you hunt monsters professionally?

Well, yeah, I mean, I don’t do it alone…

Bro, I’m amazed that you do it AT ALL! How does it work?

Well, first I send out my beetle to collect different nectars…

I’m sorry, what? A beetle? Nectar?

Yeah, I mean, that’s how you do it! You get the right combination of nectars, twirl through the air, and beat the thing to death with a bo staff. It’s really rejuvenating!

Wow…that’s almost unbelievable, but at least it makes sense why you’re so buff!

Yeah, basically.

So what brought you to the Christmas party, then?

Oh, me? Someone grabbed me a couple games from Chrono, and I wanted to bring them a gift basket. Security stopped me at the door with my huge grilled meat, but at least I met you, right?

Yeah, I mean this is crazy.

You’re telling me, dude!


The official trailer for MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD

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o.O déjà vu ? :thinking:



Monster Hunter was also on sale on the 15th of November, back then it was a 29% sale


Just before I bought it for $39. Thanks folks!