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MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD - 11/13/18 - $42.50


Today’s deal is MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD!

Note: This is a 48-hour sale.





That’s right, folks! The moment you have been waiting for is here! The gates have parted and the light has shone through: we’re finally doing a sale for MOBSTER HUNTER WORLD! Gosh, and you know, it feels so good to say it, too! We’ve just been glued to the sale calendar lately, counting down the days til you’re finally able to hunt down and maybe even capture some mobsters! You know, we haven’t even had time to play the game here at the office, but everybody says it’s awesome, and Capcom’s done it again, but now that we’ve got it on sale, it’s time to fight some CRIME, baby!

Imagine grinding for hours on the same couple consiglieres for the right armor attributes to finally take down an Al Capone or a Bugsy Siegel in teams of four! Awesome, right? And with newly fresh graphics, streamlined mechanics, and much better online, the hunt for a Gotti ruby has never been more exciting! Plus, with the Godfather and Soprano’s DLC, you can get a Vito’s cat skin for your Palico, and a shiny new set of Tony’s Psychological Armor for free! Oh wait, someone’s coming into my office, they’re saying they’ve been watching me write on Google docs this whole time, and…oh.

Fans of Let me apologize. I’ve never played MONSTER Hunter World. It has just come to my attention that you do not in fact fight old timey crime bosses in this game, but rather giant scary monsters the size of a bus or larger. I’m not exactly disappointed because this also sounds and looks awesome, but I am sorry for getting you excited about my American mid-century period anime team fighter and historical crime drama, which frankly does not and probably should not exist. Simple mistake. Buy Monster Hunter World today for almost 30% off. You won’t regret it.

The official trailer for MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD

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Sale price info:
This is the lowest MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD has ever been discounted, previous low was $44.39 on GreenManGaming.

As always, use this thread to discuss the deal, talk about the game, and find people to play with.


This game is a no-brainer if you love big boss fights, equally big weapons, and the idea of taking down huge monsters with friends. The graphics are great, the ability for mods is fun, and the core gameplay is honestly addictive. Nothing feels better than finally getting the hang of a weapon, and being able to knock a boss down as it charges against you.

I would say that this game is meant more for those who are wanting a careful playstyle – MHW rewards risk, but calculated risk. This is by no means a hack’n’slash, and later on a miscalculated move can end up in you being one-shot.

The multiplayer base is still going strong, particularly with the recent release of the Kulve Taroth for PC, a 16-player siege boss. Players are generally quite helpful, with a very low toxicity factor. My favorite part of this game is the fact that the boss attacks are learnable, yet the choreographing of their movement looks natural and fluid – like you’re fighting a monster, not a piece of code with routines.

This is a real killscreen from the game, which I think says a lot about the nature of Monster Hunter: World.

Overall, this game is worth the slightly heavier pricetag; I myself have over 100 hours in it and as a law school student, I really shouldn’t have been able to put that much time into the game since its release in late August, which I think says a lot.

I love the game. I recommend doing your research and watching some early gameplay to see if it’s what you like, but if the idea appeals to you, I highly recommend picking up MHW. It’s a unique experience, and there’s a reason it’s such a long-lasting franchise and definer of its own genre.


Apparently if you buy $42.50 of limited one day only Monster Hunter Chrono coins you can also exchange them for this game.


I can’t believe the quality of games that have been presented here in the past…And this one is the cat’s pajamas.:scream::+1:t2:

It’s price tag is way too rich for me, but if I win the Lotto tonight, this will be one of the first things I buy! I promise!:joy::sunglasses:


A sale so big, we needed TWO DAYS for it


On my wish list for ages. I own all the audio books from Audible, incredible series and In spite of what my daughter tells me about how not incredible this is, and how old it is because its been on console and Nintendo 3DS for ages, I’ve been following the author and his excitement about this game.

Alas, no funds for it, unless I want to spend the nights without heat, which I could do, but my parrots and my daughter don’t deserve to. If only they had waited until next Wednesday - then I could have …oh well.

For all who can, please share scenes so we can drool and if you ever tire and want to re-sell, (is that possible anymore?), look me up.


sooo, seeing how you cats keep tossing out these huge names lately,
-any chance you’re gonna feature a pre-order discount deal on Darksiders III deluxe edition before the 27th ? :no_mouth: :yum:

i see what you did there :wink: :+1:

awaits the lynch mob; for slipping up and accidentally considering pre-order :rofl:


Wow what a big one today! If I had the funds it’d be an instabuy. I’ve heard great things about this game and I love the Monster Hunter series


hm, I’ve read it’s an okay game, but very repetitive or rather small, wt just under 20 big bosses…
anyway, 45 bucks is way out of my league, even more so for a game that hasn’t received half the praise of a game like Witcher 3 so ya…boring 48h :frowning:


Nice job securing this deal with Capcom! Awesome title to feature on!