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Midboss - 4/27/20 - $4.89


Today’s deal is MidBoss!





Alright folks, welcome to the morning meeting. We open in 45 minutes so circle up so we can get you guys back to setup. Yes, even you, Josh. Yes, I mean stop pushing those pallets! Right now! Josh! Get over here! Sorry about that guys…anyway, so listen, this is a relatively new policy here at SpeakerMart, but it’s something we need to cover since corporate just sent us a memo double-checking that you all understand what the deal is. I know it sounds crazy, but since we’re all in the SpeakerMart family, I have a duty to share.

So listen, Avery James, who as you know is our SpeakerMart founder and CEO, has recently found a daily deal gaming site online called “Corno” or something like that, and apparently, the other day, they had a deal where this game called MidBoss was on sale for less than five bucks, and he grabbed it. Turns out, it’s a true old school-style turn-based roguelike with a lot of fun depth to it, which we here at SpeakerMart know is always great, but the defining mechanic that takes it the extra mile is that you’re this little imp who can possess any enemy they defeat, thereby actually BECOMING them. Needless to say, it’s a cool idea.

And apparently, Mr. James thought so too, which is why, starting May 1st, SpeakerMart is adopting a new policy where anytime anyone gets a promotion, their soul will actually be transferred INTO the body of their predecessor, granting them all the powers and abilities that may come with. So like, maybe if there was a miracle and Josh got his act together for a couple months, maybe he could become the next Gary, thereby gaining his incredible work ethic and workplace politeness. Now granted, this doesn’t take effect for a couple weeks, so go ahead and let your spouses know, and don’t worry about your old bodies, you can either keep them on ice at home until you get fired, or you can offer them to new employees as a shortcut through new hire orientation.

Alright! And with that little business out of the way, if there’s no questions, let’s get back to work and sell some speakers, okay team? SpeakerMart on three! One! Two! Threeeeee! SPEAKERMART!

The official trailer for MidBoss:

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Dudes… the price at the top of this page is a bit off… Cool concept of a game.


Multi-monitor support, I like that!