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MEMORIES OF MARS - 9/21/19 - $9.99


Today’s deal is the MEMORIES OF MARS!





Guys, listen. We screwed up. You know they tell ya hey! We’re going to Mars! We have the technology! And like, what are we gonna do, not believe NASA? They show us all this siq CG stuff with the capsule shooting off and the things coming out, and the space suits look slightly better than our current space suits…it’s like a beautiful dream! But then, you remember it’s the human race doing it, much less current-day Americans, and you remember oh crap! As I’ve gotten older, I realized no one knows what they’re doing, and we don’t really work too hard anymore!

Fast forward to the Mars colony, and guess what? We biffed it. We biffed it even harder than the actual real Biff Tannen biffed it in Back to the Future 2. Now we’re up there, we have no money, surprise surprise, half the stuff doesn’t even work, and then to top it all off, we had to dip out and leave people up there! Isn’t that crazy! They’re fending for themselves out there in the busted up space colony! What are we gonna do?

Well, luckily, everyone and their goddamn mother has been playing Minecraft or some other survival game for the last 100 years or so, so if you’re up there stuck, you know, basically just do that! Run around, collect stuff to eat (Mars doesn’t have much, spoilers), build increasingly confident and more permanent structures, and bango! (Bingo has changed to bango in the last 100 years.) Suddenly it doesn’t matter that you’re just a clone and that old hypersmart machines have become a hostile race of cyberfauna! You can sleep through the night now! Yay! Mars! We made it kind of!

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