Memes, Memes Everywhere


So I found a link for AI generated memes here:
I don’t use it since there is a stupid watermark there: if you’re gonna use impact font memes, just download and an impact font text meme add on. This one is interesting since you may never know what you’re gonna get. I did find some good ones and some bad ones, but I’ll be sharing the former here.
Yeah, those gargoyles sure were a pain I guess.
Nope, travel the seven seas

You see, it’s funny because the lady from the Walt Disney Pictures film Race to Witch Mountain answers the Rock character about where’s the manager with a business pun.


I guess Skynet just quite isn’t there yet



Good idea, but you should also edit in some references onto the original characters, like so:




:+1: : legos have a paragraph in the geneva convention :pensive:


This is even better oh my god.
A certified 2013 Blue Sky animated motion picture moment right there




Because going to Wikipedia, an encyclopedia, would be totally designed to make people happy right?





What are you making fun of him for? He clearly said he is refusing to learn English just to accommodate those colonizing illegals.




I cannot stop laughing at this one, @Enki! :smiley:


How about he learn to spell “illegal”?

@Enki That’s funny! It’s scary people actually think that…but it is a bit funny…


I don’t think you quite caught on to my attempt at subverting the joke.


See I insinuated that he was in fact native American and the foreign language he refuses to learn is English.