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Making a decent tutorial should be considered form of art really. I really dont like ones which feels like lectures just throwing bunch of information at you without any way to immediately use it and make some neural connections in your brains.



Careful though, the windshield on a PC-ultra settings is not as indestructible as the market would have you believe.


A nice xmas gift suggestion for the lovey dovey


Those are beaufitul, Enki. Sadly I don’t have an SO to wear them with.

Uh quick question though: Can this guy become a meme?



New trailer is out!


@KittiBear just a thought, girl…


I will buy, no questions asked, any game which prominently features a knife wielding crab.


I have a game for you to buy, I assure you it prominently features a knife wielding crab and it’s yours for a mere $5000. I hear you don’t ask questions so let me, how would you like to process this payment? : )


Provided you have proof of said game available on an open market, and it is a licensed product. I would be more than happy to.

when it comes to knife wielding crabs… I ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS!


Those stipulations were not part of the original premise and licensed to or by who? Of course it’s not going to be anything as crass as what’s on the open market. For this kind of money we’re talking something custom made specifically to rip off cater to you personally bringing you only the most artisanal of knife wielding crab games.


by whom

I can see that I am dealing with nothing close to artisanal quality in this forum.


If this doesn’t sum up the internet I don’t know what does (okay, except for the ‘in America part’):

In other news, I have now stumbled upon otter memes.



Thanks @Fraggles for the laugh and tagging the hideous @Vandem because he’d totally do that to my dog.





@coralinecastell… I made a tiny change I thought was appropriate… haha…


Chonky tag @coralinecastell