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if i drink from a whole grain pasta straw, does that make my milkshake healthier? :thinking:


I use a steel straw coz yeah, problems drinking.

@Gnuffi - Your milkshake would definitely bring all the turtles to your yard. :thinking:


I had those for a while.









it’s just insulting at this point that they can’t even be bothered to remotely compress anything any longer/each new gen… :expressionless:


Dunno how y’all are gonna take some Naruto memes but…

On the subject of the 3rd Hokage, I have this recurring joke with a friend where both us think he’d get on marvelously well with Dumbledore.

Either of them: “Hey let’s throw some kids into a forest and watch them fight for their lives lmao?”

The other: “Best idea I’ve heard all week!”

Like seriously wtf


I’ve noticed a lack of blizzard memes.


It looks really bad for Blizzard and political opinions.





It’s illegal mainly so that police has a good no nonsense reason to arrest you and take you into protective custody. Get you into psych evaluation and hopefully started towards the help you need.


It’s such an old tired joke though, not particularly well delivered.
Then there’s also the fact that many people do not actually understand why suicide is illegal in the first place, or never really thought about it, combined with the whole edge lord BS about everyone being owned by the government. I figured answering with some reason for once was the way to go.


In the United States, ratio of suicide attempts to suicide death is about 25:1 in youths, compared to about 4:1 in elderly.

So if we take that statistic for youths, for example, you still end up with 24 out of 25 ppl who attempted something illegal and could be held accountable for it, especially if it led to damages to others, physical or financial.

But like @Fraggles said, it’s more about the authorities actually having the legal right to try and help that person and protect them (and others) from themselves if necessary, which can only be done if what they’re doing is illegal in the first place, cuz otherwise it’d be an infringement on their personal rights.

(as for the joke itself, yeah, i guess it’s not rly that funny to begin with, kinda like most of mine, though I always think it’s quite funny, lol, but that’s also cuz my humor is a bit weird i guess)


Oof I came here for memes and now I’m getting all these sad stats.



Here’s a happy one.


I love this subreddit. R/chicken_thoughts


From r/Brasil

“The four elements tourism. Fire, Oil, Mud, Poison.”

Tagging the usual suspects @Agetime @Enki @Silk

Turns out I’m a poison bender ye-haw.