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@coralinecastell Aw don’t! Tidus has my :heart: Still, no remastered versions for me right now. The feels, but the no. T_T



It’s what keeps me up at nights…
Not sure what you expected of me here, but it was either this or a lame wrestler joke.




To fight EL MOSCO you may need 2 teddy bears.

Which reminds me of this cute animation.


I love that picture, here’s hoping New Line will someday make that movie with The Rock in it :thinking:

Didn’t new about the animation, cool as it is, I don’t find it all that… interesting? Don’t know how to put it, but it lacks that certain something to make me like it all that much, is a good one thou.




It bothers me that the OP messed up grammar. Same with the “Brazilian Reference” meme, everyone will use and spread the incorrect “refrence” in there. I guess it just makes it more Brazilian, aeHOOOO analfabetismo



to non-br: that’s a pun. In Portuguese, “-ão” can be used to indicate something big. However the word “tostão” also stands for something akin to a penny. It’s frequently used when you mean to say you don’t have any money, not even a tostão to spare! it was an actual coin, quite some time ago in Brazil. Would be worthless nowadays, hence the expression.

aeHOOOOs into oblivion

Have another meme:

@Agetime @Silk

EDIT: yo Enki! When did you get a title?? And why isn’t it “am pathetic” or “basic”? LMAO


I don’t even know when, would end the year without noticing :rofl:


HAHAHAHAH that’s a truly slow sloth, you guys! When role-playing takes a hold of your whole darn life… :joy:

Congrats on the title you basic sloth you



Look at Afonso’s face :rofl::joy:

Note: pshpshpsh it is commonly called “bichano” as well.

Here is my contribution:

censored, kiddos


ok … I laughed so hard I needed to calm down to be able to type … :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I shall never let this thread die.



I know it’s been over a week or so…:joy::rofl: