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Memes, Memes Everywhere


Look like it’s been a week since last sign of life, time to call in the


Imma take one as well


Considering the purchase.







Darksiders III haters be like

Insert cringey quote about “redesign was censorship” here…

(old image, but I don’t think I ever posted it here)


steam forums are comedy cold since release :joy:


Funny you should mention Dark Souls here, because…

…well, just look at the reviews.

(just to make it clear, I’ve seen the first few hours of gameplay and heard some other people who played it; the game looks amazing, and I’m dying to get it ASAP despite the reviews)


Oh what’s going on with Darksiders 3? I had almost even missed they released it, just saw a notice from GOG about it. It’s too hard for people?

Darksiders 1 and 2 were pretty easy games though.


i’ve played 2 hours so far (on apocalyptic)
-and so far i only have “one” gripe and a minor upset (the performance “usual”), and otherwise got no clue where all the tears are coming from
the camera this time is abysmal, made worse by the FoV, but, it’s borderline manageable, but i will say it’s making it less enjoyable than it could be imo, and is, imo, what makes the (“artificial”) difficulty greater than otherwise would be
and ofc “optimization”, it has strange framedrops here and there, compared to what the game looks like, guessing some Unreal4 snaffu or just dev time wasn’t there to tweak those last bits
otherwise it’s been pretty enjoyable, (but i also only had 2 hours with it lol)


Skimmed through a few reviews and a thread or two on the forums. Now I kind of want to try it out before they start patching it to make it easier, which they undoubtedly will. Just to get an idea of whether people are in fact correct and the combat system is broken or if everyone’s just whining.

In all likelihood the game I play in 3 years is not going to be anything like what was released, for good or ill. @gnuffi let me borrow the game? : )


tbh i just think people suck at dodging and actually interrupt attacks (when you lash enemies you stagger the regular ones which breaks their attack animation), bigger guys or boss ofc don’t get interrupted the same. But that’s why you got a dodge, which also has a built in punish move -timed dodge = extra dmg counter attack
my “problem” is sometimes you can’t see the enemies because of the fov, so getting punched in the back is common, and annoying ofc, but i’ve had lockons disengage, or straight up block the view of my enemy so i couldn’t even see their attacks, that was annoying :wink:

otherwise only seems like you either avoid all attacks that aren’t deliberately unblockabledodgeable and either time you “approach” or straight up soak the rest (almost got heals galore even on apocalyptic due to new heal thingy),
and due to the “weird” death mechanic almost assist you in cheesing some stuff by allowing you to fill up your rage and havoc meters still while dying over and over again. So when you run back to the respawned “baddie” that troubled you, can just freely now launch you devastating power and make mince meat of it (think it fills up in like 2-3 reruns from X checkpoint).
there is so far no apparent downside to actually dying and rerunning the path again (other than tiny amount of minutes spent), since it just means more souls for you to spend in the end anyway (and maybe getting a grip on the camera/dodge/attack combos :blush:)

i’m looking forward to getting to play it through this weekend, -and to see if i meet some of those “issues” people otherwise mention. :thinking:
but going by posts saying first boss is almost impossible on normal or easy with “endless tries” -yet the rest of us done the (what’s in truth just a tutorial boss) first Sin on Apocalyptic, i cant really take any of them serious that are upset about “difficulty” (or “lack of loot system/skill tree”)etc
Shitty camera making stuff worse i can get behind, sure, and performance stuff yea
but even if i’ve only scratched the surface with 2 hours, some of the frowny posts are still from within that range i’ve visited, and i can’t recognize a lot of it -at all
i mean… you have sorta an auto refilling heal thingy when you kill mobs… just heal up :man_shrugging:


Honestly, the difficulty is very in-line with Darksiders, but the combat mentality has changed a bit. You now use green orbs on demand instead of automatically (sort of like Estus, I geuss?), and you have four wrath attacks (just like War) bound to different Hollows.

Here’s some preliminary thoughts since I can’t get the game myself yet (and I’m going to the moment I can):

They brought back a lot of mechanics in 1 that were toned down in 2, and a lot of the more controversial mechanics in 2 [like the loot system] are gone.

The reviews got hit a bit by some of the reviewer build performance issues, especially on PS4, but overall everything I’ve seen indicates that it’s a great game and a great sequel, plus the story could end up being the best of the series (avoiding spoilers as much as possible). It really goes to show that the internet loves being angry over the smallest things… :man_shrugging:

Now, there are legitimate problems with the game, like some of the bugs that slipped past QA (you can quit the game at certain heavily scripted sequences and break them when you reload the game), but those are so buried in nonsensical whining about “Dark Souls Clone” and “too dated, needs more Dark Souls” that they’re barely even mentioned.

There’s four “hollows” that act a little bit like a combination of styles and weapons from Devil May Cry 3, expanding your movelist with one button dedicated to it and a few crossover combos with your main weapon. You also have four Wrath attacks that you get over the course over the game, just like War (if you bothered to actually buy them, which I didn’t). Of course, the controls are classic Darksiders: dedicated R1/RB dodging, X/square face button attacks, Y/Triangle alternate attacks, and such.

The only real change is that executions are “gone.” They were barely in 2 at all, so… eh. I do like that they’re trying to give each horseman a personality and style of their own, and if that means War is your B button wielding destroyer, it’s fine by me.

The map design is also a bit of a complaint. It’s good in its own right and it’s designed around having to find your way around without a minimap, so a lot of the being glued to the corner of the screen from 1 and 2 is gone… good riddance. The other issue with the map, of course, is that this is no place for a horse.

Oh, and I saw someone die to the first boss in the game a total of… once on Normal, from all the gameplay I’ve watched, which is a lot. She has an attack with a windup so delayed, I didn’t know she actually had an attack at the end (and it does take a whole minute at least). Then, I see a complaint that Envy is gamebreakingly unfairly hard repeated around the forums. Go figure.

I’m really excited to play it soon.


Darksiders sound fun and all but have some more memes

yes, weirdly enough I’m going against my r00ts and putting a thread back on topic oh how the turntables


my internet provider is memeing me hard; i asked them why suddenly I’m only getting 8mbps instead of the 16 (i know, i know, but it’s a third world country so bear with me) i’m paying (quite a lot) for.

They told me: You are getting the speed that is suitable for your line, Sir.

I told them to cut the crap (but not in a nicer, gentler way) as i’ve been getting 16mbps for almost 2 years now, so they should just stop throttling my speed. They said “technical support” would take care of this “technical problem”, to which i responded there is no “technical problem” as u throttling my speed is not a “technical” issue and that they if they don’t do something about it I’ll just go to another company. (I’m totally bluffing, trying to actually do that here might actually lead to months without internet as that’s just how shit works here; it doesn’t, till someone does something right by mere chance…)


Blue. Definitely.




I saw this on reddit and my FIRST thought was:

“Lame. It’s missing Stealy Wheely Automobiley.”

My second thought was:

“Since when am I knee-deep in memes and what’s wrong with my brain?”

My third thought was:

“I’m starting to think like Tiffany Aching¹, I should stop now.”

¹Character written by Terry Pratchett. She’s a lil’ witch.