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Memes, Memes Everywhere




Found this on the Blizzard subreddit.

also got a good chuckle from this.


my eyes are down here…





if i drink from a whole grain pasta straw, does that make my milkshake healthier? :thinking:


I use a steel straw coz yeah, problems drinking.

@Gnuffi - Your milkshake would definitely bring all the turtles to your yard. :thinking:


I had those for a while.









it’s just insulting at this point that they can’t even be bothered to remotely compress anything any longer/each new gen… :expressionless:


Dunno how y’all are gonna take some Naruto memes but…

On the subject of the 3rd Hokage, I have this recurring joke with a friend where both us think he’d get on marvelously well with Dumbledore.

Either of them: “Hey let’s throw some kids into a forest and watch them fight for their lives lmao?”

The other: “Best idea I’ve heard all week!”

Like seriously wtf


I’ve noticed a lack of blizzard memes.


It looks really bad for Blizzard and political opinions.





It’s illegal mainly so that police has a good no nonsense reason to arrest you and take you into protective custody. Get you into psych evaluation and hopefully started towards the help you need.