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Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 - 9/7/20 - $9.99


Today’s deal is Mega Man Legacy Collection 2!




The official trailer for Mega Man Legacy Collection 2:

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Sold out. Is this a bug this time, or is it sold out?


Showing as sold out for me too.



5 hours later, still sold out. Cool. tickle my dick with collection 1 and then roll over and go back to bed with collection 2…


Today (Monday Sept. 7th) is a holiday in the US. Which is where Chrono is based.



Here’s hoping other collections will also be featured.


I think it would be about time you guys figure out what is causing this bug because it is happening on pretty much every single sale lately.


It must result in a lot of lost sales cuz most ppl are just going to assume sold out means sold out and never bother coming to the site again a few hours later to see if they can still get the deal


Sold out. I’ve never seen that before! Wow, tons of Mega-man fans here. Very glad! :slight_smile:


I doubt it is actually sold out :slight_smile:


Oh… :sweat_smile: well, in that case, hopefully they fix it so people can buy it.


They didn’t fix it.
So… yeah. Missed out on the second collection of Megaman.

Anyone else feel this site just tanked after they got rid of the coins? Way more bugs happening, and they seem to care less. It really is a shame. They have some good deals but it is hit or miss if you can even get them. Frustrating.


it was a public holiday where they are, so it’s understandable they don’t fix things then, and maybe it actually did sell out and there was nothing to fix; that does happen too now and then

as for your frustrations, i hope u get over them


I have worked in the tech industry for about 25 years. If a system was brought down, preventing sales on a holiday, I would be fixing them. I don’t know of any company that doesn’t have contingencies for holiday work. Especially system failures.

The last few times this happened it has never been from the item selling out. If it did, grats to them, but it is highly doubtful.


Hey! Apologies for the late response, and thanks to everyone who’s contributed to this thread.

Unfortunately this was an external issue, not involving our system. Ultimately, there wasn’t anything we could do on our end. Part of the job is knowing that these things can and will happen sometimes.

I realize there’s no truly satisfying answer when it comes to situations like these, but hopefully you enjoy the rest of your day, and as always feel free to reach out to me for questions! I won’t always have a perfect answer right away, but I can always look into things for you.