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Medieval Kingdom Wars - 4/11/19 - $17.99


Today’s deal is Medieval Kingdom Wars!




Hey there, pardner, I’m a horse from Medieval Kingdom Wars. I’ve heard that’s something called a PC game, but what do I care? I spend most of my time wapping away flies with my tail and walking around with a heavy metal trash can on my back that you humans insist on callin’ “knights” for some reason, which I still think makes no sense. First of all, they do almost everything they do during the day, and second of all…well, that’s it. But what did you expect from a talking horse, am I right?

I’ve also heard this game referred to as a “fusion of RTS and Grand Strategy genres”, but again, I’m just a horse. The only genre I know about is “horse stuff” and I’m way less interested in RTS than I am in OATS, if you catch my drift, but I hear humans with PC’s love this stuff, and I assume that’s who’s here reading this since horses don’t typically have internet access, but just in case, “neigh neigh neeeeeigh neigh neeeigh neigh neigh neigh neiiiigh whinny neigh!”

Basically, I just told them that if they’re bothered by horse death, they might want to steer clear of this game since I heard some battles can have like 120 battalions in them, which, and I can only stomp out basic addition and subtraction using numbers less than ten, but that seems like a LOT of dead horses. Yikes. And I realize humans die in the game too, probably even more, but horses don’t typically play video games, and I don’t want them thinking it’s real or anything, you understand.

But yeah! Buy this game today! I know I’m just a horse, but it’s 40% off! That’s a good deal no matter your species.

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#2 $7.99