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Medieval Engineers - 4/3/19 - $6.50


Today’s deal is Medieval Engineers!





Oi, Andrew!

Yeah, Paul?

D’ye ever think “Is there more to life than this?”

Than what, building catapults? Don’t be silly, Paul!

Don’t! How is that silly?

It’s silly because we talk about it all the time. When we’re out here in the sandbox makin’ catapults, what could be better?

Oh, I don’t know, maybe some love or a family? Maybe we just do something else one day? Build something else?

D-don’t say that, Paul…we’ve made ninety of these puppies already!

Ninety! See! Ninety? What kind of number is ninety? Don’t you ever think about what these things are for? Catapults throw huge stones, Andrew! What are we going to throw ninety rocks at, ninety small houses?

Oh god, don’t say that! I-it…it…almost makes me want to build them!

Is that right? Hahaha, that’s hilarious, that…almost sounds like a good idea OH GOD WHAT AM I SAYING? WHY DO I WANT TO BUILD 90 HOUSES NOW, PAUL?

Because we have to, Andrew. Listen, I’m only going to say this once: we’re medieval engineers.

You’re right.

And anything we gotta build, we just build it, okay? That’s what happens here, and we just do it, and we don’t ask any questions.



…But what is the purpose of 90 catapults and 90 little homes? Are we really just building them up to knock them right back down?

It seems that way, Andrew. But it’s not up to us. This is the god’s world, and we are only part of the playground.

…yeah, the busy part…

And you should thank your lucky stars for that. Now come on, hand me that saw.

Righto, Paul. Righto…

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This is the lowest Medieval Engineers has ever been discounted, previous low was $6.50 on…wait for it… :sunglasses:

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