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Masquerada: Songs and Shadows - 2/27/20 - $2.99


Today’s deal is Masquerada: Songs and Shadows!





Now listen, we realize we often ask you folks to make insane mental leaps for the thought experiments we pose to you here on our fine website, but here’s one only gamers will truly understand: have you ever felt your own tactical menu was open in real life, and that someone was taking their sweet time to decide what to do because it pauses gameplay for a second? Really take a second and think about it, too. Let me tell you what we mean.

For example, yesterday night I went to the drive thru at Yoshinoya. Me and my wife ordered our usual, standard beef bowl for me and teriyaki chicken for her. We’ve done this a million times, and when we got up to the window, my wife even offered to pay for the meal, which is important because it means she handed me her credit card. I remember this because I sat there holding it in my hand for about five minutes before suddenly, the window opened, they handed us our food, and told us “thank you, have a good night!”

Now, I knew immediately that they’d forgotten to have us pay, but the reason the tactical menu opened is because the moral quandary was too tough to parse. Should I simply drive away with a free dinner and head home? Or should I make it a point to get Yoshinoya Co., Ltd. their money and do the right thing? Honestly, the choice was a tough one, but I tell you what: if I had magical masks that I could use to pause time and cast spells, you better believe I would be out fighting evil instead of potentially stealing beef bowls, so that’s why you should buy a copy of Madquerada: Songs and Shadows today for 85% off.

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This is the lowest Masquerada: Songs and Shadows has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $5.99 on GOG.

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Voice actors of Leon Kennedy and Naomi Hunter are in this game? Sweet!


Thinking about buying my first game on here. But wondering - does this only work through Steam? When I purchase the game, is it played through Steam? Or does Chrono offer games outside of the Steam platform? Thanks!


Chrono only sells steam keys, for now, you will need to register the game and download it through steam.


Awesome, thanks for the answer. Do you know if the devs still have to pay the same take-rate to Steam?


When you buy it from chrono or any other 3rd party site I do not believe Steam gets paid at all. What exact revenue split chrono and the dev has agreed upon is not info I have access to.


Very helpful, thanks for the time


I feel like steam must have already gotten their cut for the value of the key when it was generated though, because it is still a key that’s being used on their platform, right?


Ah wait nevermind I just did some google-fu. Looks like Steam lets dev generate keys at zero cost, so that’s pretty cool.


From every dev I’ve heard talk about the process they do not pay for keys generated. They can request batches of keys from steam freely, though with some unspecified limitations enforced on steam’s discretion. You want 5k keys to sell on chrono or give away to twitch streamers, that seems just fine. Try to demand 400 mil keys or something and I think steam might tell you to calm down a bit.


yeah I hear they used to be more lax with key generation but then they ran into problems with devs doing that to sell their keys really cheap on sketchy sites or even distributing to their own ‘farmers’ so people could farm steam cards and create profit off of selling cards on the steam marketplace .


Steam only get paid for games purchased from the Steam store front. Steam does not get paid additional for outside keys that are sold, those are individual deals between the publishers/developers and the key-sellers.


It’s a beautiful game at a great price. I already own it, but on visuals alone - recommend.