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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite - 9/5/20 - $9.99


Today’s deal is Marvel vs Capcom Infinite!




The official trailer for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite:

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Really wished they kept the 3 vs. 3 format. At least I get to see Gamora finally join the roster and Chun-Li’s look improved upon release. I still miss my team of Captain Commando, Nash/Charlie, and Guile. Haven’t been able to have that since MvC 3 (and presumably that was the ONLY game to allow that combination). Also Colossus needs to make a return one day.


I’m more of a King of Fighters fan. This does have an interesting cast of characters with Dante and Megaman in there. Strider too.

Dante looks a little… um… off in this though.


Looks better than he did in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale though. (Love TKoF too. Wished CvS made a comeback. Not SvC mind you.)