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Mana Spark - 5/19/20 - $5.40


Today’s deal is Mana Spark!





The hero, in their generic neophyte tunic, has a moment of clarity as they once again step through the threshold and into a dungeon.

Why am I actually doing this? Why this again?

Almost immediately they must draw their early game weapon to dispatch a couple harmless level one foes, just to get the juices flowing. But then, their mind knocks against the door of reality once again, asking more questions without answers.

Who is this all ultimately for? How many more times must I die?

Their arm thrusts forward unexpectedly from under their cloak, shoving the blade of a short sword so far into a skeleton’s eye socket, it cracks the top of its skull off and it lands on the floor with a clatter.

All this so some gamer can pass the time? I am a warrior, not a toy!

Your arrow pins a boney arm to the wall and you crush an ancient sternum under your heavy leather boot. You think you’ve won for a brief moment until you hear the deep rumble of the walls shifting inside the temple. The biggest skeleton you’ve ever seen lumbers out from some newly revealed door, dragging behind him a claymore fit for a giant.

And yet again, the hero falls so the gamer may feel some small sense of-

The skeleton swings his might sword, and you move your shield to intercept it, fully expecting it to cleave you and your measly wooden plank into two clean halves, but…it doesn’t. It holds. You glance at the metallic rim of your new shield you found in the last dungeon. The bone giant swings again, and you handily dodge out of the way. The path forward is clear. You run up his might bone arm onto his shoulders and you stab the blade downwards, straight through his mouth so it rips off his jawbone and brings the whole beast tumbling down. Within the folds of his rotting cloak you find enough gold to buy yourself a whole new set of gear. You look up towards the dungeon exit and you keep walking towards it, sword held high.

Why do I throw myself at this again and again? Why do I chase the Mana Spark? Why must I so often die? The answer is simple: to grow.

The official trailer for Mana Spark:

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Shows up as ‘Sold Out’ to me. Problems again ?


This deal is seriously sold out 3 minutes after launch?

What’s the point of this site if you guys don’t have enough keys even for the people that show up regularly at refresh time?

Or, alternatively, is something just busted?


Feels like they either messed up and put up like 10 copies instead of 10,000 or someone’s botting and plans on selling it for more elsewhere.


Purchased a key, money was charged but so far no key delivered.


Should be good now folks!


A review from @YQMaoski:


…I swear that warthog in the trailer is Pumbaa.