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Magicka 2 - 6/21/20 - $3.75


Today’s deal is Magicka 2!





You know, nobody ever talks about this, but you wanna know why I think those weird tall pointy hats with the stars on the side went out of style? The Wizard Wars. You wouldn’t think it from looking at them, but those little sparkling triangle mother heffers would just up and ZIP through the air if they caught a little breeze on ‘em, and let me just say, I’m not that old of a wizard, but I DO look 40 even though I’m 32, and it’s DEFINITELY because I was legit AGED by watching lightning bolts and fireballs leap from my fingertips and into the foreheads of my peers, exploding their heads like a mallet smacking a watermelon. But that stupid little Fantasia-ass triangle hat was always the cherry on top. I remember watching what HAD to be like the 135th one just, like cross through my vision, didn’t even have to move my head, and I just thought to myself like, damn. Being a wizard was a really stupid idea and the clothes we wear while we do magic is silly Halloween bullshit. I mean, since then things have gotten better, and I think I’ve BAREly clawed back some of my self-respect, but look, from time to time, yes, yes, okay? Yes, I do light my partner’s robe on fire and it burns them, and sometimes they die. That’s…just part of being a wizard. But I would rather have someone morph my tongue into a submarine sandwich and eat half of it than put on one of those messed up goofy hats on again. Damn. Please buy Magicka 2. Look how cool they spell the word Magicka. It costs $3.75. Maybe if you play a computer game instead of learning real magick, your life won’t fall apart and leave you alone in a room with a talking worm and a thousand old books in a language no expert has ever been able to identify. What a great “quarantine project” that’s been…I think I forgot to eat lunch again today…

The official trailer for Magicka 2:

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Yup we’re looking into both issues right now, sorry about the troubles!


I love the Sims-type way that they speak. It was a nice surprendar. Heartily recommend both M1 & 2.


Wished this one had the M60 or the M1911 as an option, because everybody knows the most powerful spell in the game is GUN!

Sigh… Guess I’ll settle with the Stale Cinnamon Bun…


I was never into this game but I purchased it and linked it to my Paradox Plaza account so I can unlock the Magicka Theme Park bonus item in Cities Skylines. Too bad it and the other freebie Paradox Plaza Park you get for linking the game to a Paradox account former OP stat bonuses are now superseded by the “Park Life” expansion :roll_eyes: But they’re still worh having for someone with a completionist OCD. Too bad I can not 100% complete every DLC for the game as there’s one pack no longer available for purchase because the licensing rights for it has already expired.