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Mafia III - 7/13/19 - $9.99


Today’s deal is Mafia III!





Hey, wise guy!

Who, me?

Yeah, you! Who do you think you’re talkin’ to?

What? I don’t even know you, okay? I just wanted to know whether or not you wanted a combo or just the san-

Look, ya mook! Do you even know who I am?

No! Like I just SAID!

Well listen, just watch what you say because if you mess with me, you mess with the Mafia III, capische?

What do you Mafia III, like the game?

Oh this isn’t a game, ya bum! You mess with the Mafia III, the Mafia III messes with YOU.



So like, are you saying that you belong to a real organized crime organization that actually calls itself “The Mafia III” like it’s a sequel to the sequel to the Mafia?


Well that doesn’t make any fucking SENSE! Now I’m just gonna ask you once, and I’m not gonna ask you again! Do you want a sandwich by itself or do you want a combo?

A combo…

THANK you…sheesh.

…ya mook…

What did you just say?


The official trailer for Mafia III:

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I bought this for 20€ (so basically like 100$) and it was enough to entertain me (somewhat) for 6h.



What can i say. Tried it on PS4 ( was free with PS+) and it was…bad. Cant in a good conscious recommend it.


The fact that he shot the mirror after it went back to normal is hilarious