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LOST PLANET® 3 - 3/14/19 - $5


Today’s deal is LOST PLANET® 3!





Dearest Wife,

The snows of this terrible terrible planet are almost too much to bear, and I yearn for a place by our fire back home. We’re being led around by the nose out here looking for more Thermal Energy, but the Akrid are so nasty it’s getting to become a real difficulty securing resources and staying alive. I even saw a man eaten alive by a huge bug monster. It was terrible, of course, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was one of the most metal things I’ve ever seen, too.

But there are two things nagging at me. First, it’s weird that we’re basically following around a space trucker. Sure, Peyton’s a pretty serious dude, and he seems like he’s got a lot of gravitas, but in the end, this guy’s still all that’s protecting us from some super weird people he may have discovered out there in the snow? But then again, I don’t know. Maybe he’s kinda working alongside them, and learning from them, which is actually a perfect segue to my next point.

Basically, I know this sounds crazy, but when I was a super young kid, my mom had an old copy of this ancient movie called Avatar. It’s a pretty basic story, and the graphics are embarrassingly cheesy compared to what we’ve got now, but I can’t help but think of the main character Jake Sully and the journey he was on with the Na’vi every time I look at Peyton. He’s got that “gonna betray the mission for moral reasons” look about him, and I just don’t trust it. Anyway, tickets to E.D.N. III are only five bucks right now, so grab one and I’ll see you here.

One of many faceless marines.

The official trailer for LOST PLANET® 3

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Fun game, haven’t spend more than 5h in game, but it’s totally worth it at this price point, has some fun boss battles, too.


It’s not as bad as you’ve possibly heard, but honestly I didn’t care for this one.

Don’t expect a sequel to Lost Planet 2, that’s for sure. Lost Planet 2 is a crazy stupid amazing game for weaboo Capcom fans, LP3 is a story based game that’s entirely grounded in a serious tone. I got through maybe half of it before pocketing the game for later. Maybe I’ll go back to it soon, who knows.

Make sure you get the hi-res movies DLC from the Steam store page for free (done this way so you only use it if you actually need it), it makes a big difference for the normally overcompressed cutscenes.


why is the US, Canada and Mexico not on the list of countries this game is redeemable in?
that seems… odd?


Uh… yeah. The game definitely should be playable in the US.


they responded on twitter with: "Yup, definitely redeemable in US! That’s a lil goofo on our part, fixing it up rn"
waiting for it to be fixed, just in case.


Got it for $1 via a Capcom Humble Bundle…still not played yet. I always imagine it’s like the planetside section of Dead Space 3.


Yeah sorry about the delayed response here, we’re looking into it right now! It’s definitely redeemable in the US, we just tested a key for that and they’re a-ok. We’re checking into Canadia and Mexico rn but it should be good for those regions too. If not then just shoot an email over to the help line ( and I’ll fix ya up :stuck_out_tongue:


To be honest, that’s a really good comparison. It’s a lot like those calmer parts of Dead Space 3, where you’re stuck wandering the ice planet before the plot went crazy with Act 3 revelations and twists.

Also, like Dead Space 3, the fans hate every second of this game


I actually quite liked Dead Space 3, although it’s the worst of the trilogy (the impact of microtransactions was vastly overstated). And sadly the planet portion felt vastly inferior to the space section…


That part may be overstated, but what isn’t overstated is how the weapon mechanics changed for the worse. Universal ammo is stupid and basically killed the game for me.

I still have the Xbox 360 day one version of the game, it’s definitely not as bad as the internet would have you believe but it’s no Resident Evil 5 either.