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Lost my chest because of the update.


So, around 2 days ago I was going to claim by 7th reward streak (+ the chest) and I never recieved it. Any help on this?


You really shouldn’t have. How many streaks have you had in the past? Likely the reason is that if you had been sporadic about clicking on the coins in the past, you have maybe some Spins added up. If you have been around for a while, you probably received some extra coins. If you have problems, you can always go to your coins page and take a look at the coins history to find out.

If you really are having bugs with the site, there is an email at the bottom of the Support Page. They are very good about looking into any issues you may have…


Thanks for the help, I will send a mail to Chrono then.

(Also added a picture of my transaction history)


So the point is that you received 2500 coins… I am sure there are a few people in the same boat, to be able to buy a coinshop game already after 9 spins… I would say that’s pretty lucky… not to mention, you got moved a few days closer to a legendary chest, so I think that’s win-win situation anyway.

By the way, thanks for taking one of the Poopy keys… LOL! @punkster, @kylehayman361, we actually have someone here who did take it… :slight_smile:


Did the streak replacement bonus we all got count towards the “legendary chest” counter?

Yeah it did, that’s kind of weird and makes our numbers not quite add up.
I now have 13 legendary chests, which would correspond to 390 spins, while I’m still at 375.


OMG! Why it did, @Fraggles, good catch!

I swear, I didn’t make these numbers up… LOL!


We’ve found another one of the mole people…

we will flush you out.

(the funniest picture I could find that might be described as accurate to my intents xD)


i think i’m gonna leave you this, as it seems to pretty much also apply to you
(even if the amount values aren’t the exact same in your situation, the overall situation still applies)


im confused how @cookiexXl has 9 spins after joining the site 10 hours ago ???




Iirc, you register for the site and forum separately. So, @cookiexXl had a account and was clicking/spinning/flipping the coin for at least 9 days before registering on the forum.


It made better sense when gnuffi said magic :stuck_out_tongue: but I get it