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Looking for a game controller


One key area where Bungie offered its expertise was the DualShock 4 controller, as the studio had lots of experience with shooters and ensured that the new gamepad was capable in games like Destiny.

But for real, not super sure on this info because I hear about it in DYKG. And I also never owned a controller so maybe next time I can refer to this post if I were to get one. It’d be especially great for 2D platformers like Celeste and Yooka Laylee (the spinoff, not the main title).


I will be grateful if you provide whatever arguments and justification to this claim. I can’t comprehend how this is the case at all.

You can get way more out of the DS4 even not counting the touchpad which can be used to small accuracy adjustments if the tracking is not disabled or just for the extra AT LEAST 3 buttons on it. Even the claw grip opportunities make it far better.

It feels like the claw grips concepts are unknown for plenty of people here so I will try to shed some light by sharing the first vid that popped up when I did a simple search.

I even use my ring fingers for the triggers for time to time and only supporting the controller with my pinkies in Dark Souls PvP, but I mainly Hybrid = constant switching from whatever claw I need to double or regular stance, because there’s no need to double claw 95% of the time.
It’s just a matter of 1-2 days practice.

Pretty important thing to mention is that when on PC… for the love of god don’t use controllers for MP FPS games. The playerbase is dumbed down enough to get more controller players when you have Mouse + Keyboard. I can understand that you can be lazy but how much effort you save from not using the supposed peripheral exactly? Now it’s modern to be a toxic kid and the best part is that people with brain disable the Voice communication stuff overall and being toxic like that most of the time comes out just as a noise ;]. Everyone looks in the chat though - be smart and use your keyboard :smiley:


P.S. I kinda forgot that input lag is pretty important for FPS games as well:

Tests of Controller input lag


Hell yh… And Steam config is priceless and free. Remember the dark times


I didn’t even read your post past the first paragraph. What I meant was that the joysticks are NOT ergonomic. The natural thumb resting position for MOST people is where the D-Pad of the DS4 is.

Which is why the Switch Pro and Xbox are more ergonomic for FPS.

And since the Facebuttons (AXBY or the PS equivalent) are used more than the right joystick (or the camera joystick) in general, the right joystick is BELOW the facebuttons. Because it would be less ergonomic to have the buttons where the joystick is, due to the natural thumb resting position for most people.

However, again, the DS4 is great due to having a touchpad which can be completely programmed, yes. But for FPS? Fuck no. Even if you were some of those “competitive” console gamers that use that weird grip with the index on the facebuttons.

Speaking of competitive, use a mouse, if you’re on PC. If you’re just tryna sit back and relax at night on Fallout, however, a controller IS valid.


Guys… seriously?

We’re talking about playing on PC and you’re arguing FPS ergonomics for a pad? We have mouse/keyboard input devices here, there’s no reason to use pad to play FPS on PC.


This reminds me only now. When I went and tried out FPS’s with a DualShock 4 as a mouse and keyboard person, it was really disorienting. Whether it be Star Wars Battlefront (2015) and Modern Warfare (2019). In fact I barely managed to finish the first mission for the latter under Normal (or regular, whichever it is).


I just got a new controller for my pc and I have to say hands down its the nicest feeling controller I’ve ever used, feels solid and grippy.
Gamesir T4 Wireless controller for PC and android (haven’t used it for mobile gaming, never will).
The face buttons are very clicky and it has 4 re-mappable buttons on the rear so you can twin stick and press buttons at the same time. It also has a turbo function which I haven’t found a need for yet. The triggers are short travel but very responsive. Internal battery lasts about 18 hours and charges in about an hour or you can use the included usb 3 cable for wired gaming. You can switch from d-input to x-input and has lights behind the face buttons and right stick that indicate different modes. I got it from amazon for £32 in the UK. Here’s what it looks like:


you hit that one right on the head! :smiley:

However when you think about playing an FPS with 2 people at once on pc, controllers are required. :wink:


True I’m completely unable to play an fps with a controller, even the steam controller ain’t great for that.


Shame we have opposable thumbs in that case. How is increasing the angle of your thumb with 20 degrees not natural out of the sudden? It seems you can’t hold anything and not being able to use even your phone?! :smiley: I need to mention masturbation as well… 'cuz it’s really wide spread :rofl:

Unless you have hoofs … I can’t see the difference.

The touchpad front button can be accessed in regular stance with the tip of both point fingers already lying on R1/L1 and same with the on top left or right touchpad buttons with the OPPOSABLE thumbs + share and options buttons ;]

Already pointed out that with my only BOLDED paragraph while I tried to lay down some points about controller comparisons for people that might try to use them in that way. And I have used x360 for 5 years straight and DS4 for only like 2 I felt the need to say why I can’t go back to Xbox layout. Sorry I guess ;]


Just because we have opposable thumbs, doesn’t mean it’s fine to over-stretch them to the point of uncomfortableness.

This is literally the definition of ergonomics. That something is as comfortable and efficient as possible to use for humans.

You have find it comfortable, but most people’s thumbs naturally rest where the D-Pad is on the DS4, while thumbs are completely relaxed.

Again, the DS4 is an AMAZING controller, and I love mine very much, but for twin-stick games it’s anything but ergonomic. I’m not gonna do splits with my thumbs and index just cause my thumbs are opposable. Like tf is that logic.


Are you even controlling the camera at all?! How is one of your thumbs fine and the other isn’t? This is not even funny anymore, but kinda scary and disgusting at the same time :smiley:. How this makes any sense at all… How is only one of your hands “sitting comfortably” while the other isn’t and out of the sudden you are fine with it?!

If Xbox controller had the analog sticks at the same position I might have taken you seriously… It’s impossible to do so when this isn’t the case.


Now this is where reading comprehension matters, which you are clearly lacking.

As I have already STATED, the face buttons are much more important than the right joystick for general usage, so of course they take precedence in which position they will be in.

And I have absolutely no idea how you could possibly come to the conclusion of

It is nothing of the sort, and you are simply grasping at and fishing arguments out of the air at this point.


@onloose @mert This argument is dumb. Which is better is completely arbitrary. If you wish to continue, please take it outside (to your PMs).

And yes I have read all the posts.


Yeah I am with @Pylinaer on this one lets chill a bit or go take it somewhere else.


I treated myself to an 8BitDo SN30 pro+ controller this week. I now have an XBone Bluetooth, a Steam Controller and the Pro+. The D-Pad on the 8BitDo is the best I have used. It is really a joy to use. It has gyro as well so I’ve been practising gyro assisted aiming in shooters (I’ve been playing computer games since the ZXSpectrum, I’m never sitting at a desk to play a game ever again! :wink: ). I’m getting better by the day. Not as good as mouse and keyboard, but I was never any good at FPS anyway. Even tried a few driving games with gyro steering. Let’s just say I need a lot more practise with that skill. All in all, I’m loving it! Will be my daily driver as you kids seem to say :wink: