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Little Nightmares - 4/13/19 - $5.49


Today’s deal is Little Nightmares!






What, me?

Yeah, sausage for sale.

You’re trying to sell me sausage right now? In the parking lot?

It’s right next your car. Come on, it’s really good stuff.

Doubt it. What kind of sausage is it even?


Tasty? Tasty’s not a type of sausage, you grifter!

I’m no grifter. This stuff is legit as hell. I don’t know what style of sausage it is, but I know what’s in it…

Okay, well let’s pretend I’m not just gonna drive away from here no matter what. What’s in the sausage?

Here, want to to try it?

I want to know what’s in it first! Do you know how shady it makes you seem that you won’t tell me?

Okay, fine. Have a slice.

This is raw!

No, kids.



Is this…sausage…made of…kids?


Maybe!? I should report you to somebody!

Whoa whoa whoa, easy easy easy! There’s no need for that! Besides, I only FOUND the stuff! It’s not like I make kids into sausages for a living, jeez!

Where did you find it?


The docks! You found a crate of “kid sausage” down on the docks? What were you even doing there?

Well, I stole it.

You stole the kid sausages!? What if someone comes after you?

Eh. Look, do you wanna buy some sausage or not?

Nnnnnno! Never! Not in one million years would I buy sausage made of kids! Even if it’s not really kids, it’s messed up that you’d say that!

Yeah, but it really IS kids, though…

Okay, I’m leaving.

What? It IS kids! Isn’t that what you wanted to know?

I’m getting in my car and driving away now.

Okay! See ya! If you have any kids, make sure and keep ‘em off them docks!

The official trailer for Little Nightmares:

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i’ve only played the first act so far, yet i would still highly recommend it based on that initial experience alone.
… also even if quite vexing… :fearful:


There’s a bit of Spirited Away in this game.


Is this game worth buying?


It’s a shame the DLC is not an option. I’ve already played Little Nightmares, would love to get a nice deal on the extra stories.


i want, so, so bad. But I need to save my money. Hopefully it will come back in the future.


oddly enough, when i bought it here it was the complete edition - all the DLCs (excluding the soundtrack) were included. for some reason it appears that that isnt advertised on the page


If that is the case, then, this is a great deal. Hey @Ernin8t0r, can you let me know? Even with the exchange, it would be worth it.


I also got the complete edition with all the DLC (except the soundtrack). Thanks Stonga for the info!


Yeppers! It is the Complete Edition. It should have been advertised as such… @lonin. I wonder how many sales were missed because it didn’t say that. It’s a single key but you get the CE. The DLC is Little Nightmares™ Secrets of The Maw Expansion Pass.

Thanks, @Stonga and @babun, for confirming that it had the extra DLC :heavy_heart_exclamation:




wow, that just makes this a completely bonkers and smashing deal then :star_struck: -feels bad for anyone that missed out :frowning:


Really!!! I jumped on it the minute the others confirmed it.