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Little Dungeon Stories - 1/27/20 - $6.99


Today’s deal is Little Dungeon Stories!





Gamer…gamer…can you hear me…’tis I, Chrono the wizard, contacting you from a place beyond time (Austin, TX) with a…magical message…of…destiny. Before you…in your very hands, you hold a device of infinite possibilities. Well, technically there ARE a finite amount of possibilities, but it’s more than you’ll ever actually see, and to be as accurate as possible, you’re not actually holding it in your hands, you’re more just gonna be like, looking at on a computer screen, and how would I even know what that was if I’m an ancient wizard, and how can I even be from Texas, then…but I digress.

The point is, imagine all the twists and turns in an adventure story as a deck of cards being dealt out in front of you. Yes…the magic is beginning to form. Now, imagine that they have a charming pixel art style, because they do. Yes! Yes! You’re glowing! And finally, imagine that somehow, a guy named David got ahold of those cards and designed a neat dungeon-crawling roguelike RPG, because that’s exactly what happened! And now buy it, because it’s on sale today for like seven bucks, and that’s a dang good deal!

Gee, you know, this might sound crazy coming from a wizard, but sometimes, the best magic is the magic of human ingenuity, right? Right…? Do you guys like that? Oh, who are we kidding, wizard shit is way cooler. That’s why there’s more movies about mages than inventors. Fireballs are dope. But anyway, yeah. Those are in Little Dungeon Stories too, so buy it already.

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This is the lowest Little Dungeon Stories has ever been discounted, previous low was $7.19 on Steam

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Hmm… The description sounds like it’s Darkest Dungeon in card form. I see that it’s multiplatform too, and is a Kickstarted project with a playable demo, which I applaud for Kickstarter campaigns.