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Last Day of June - $5.50 - 5/7/19


Today’s deal is Last Day of June!





You know how in the more sentimental sports movies, when everything seems like it’s over, and it feels like only a miracle could save the team, and the main character runs into the coach in a back room reviewing footage of old games and trying to figure out what went wrong? Imagine if you could do that for anything in your life that you decided led to an undesirable outcome. It’d be insane, right? Also, unrelated, but we’re all imagining Henry Winkler in The Waterboy, right?

But honestly, like, would you get up a little earlier and move your car so you don’t get that ticket? Would you ever step in and keep yourself from trying that first cigarette? Maybe just delete that tweet where you admitted you loved the Minions movie? There’s a million things we would change if we could.

But when you start to imagine you could also fix life-shattering tragedies, that’s when things start to get complicated. We’re suddenly not in a sports movie about your life anymore, but rather a time travel romance/drama, where even when you don’t know the actual plot, you can just tell from the trailer you’ll be crying by the end. And let’s be real, that’s exactly what this game is like. So kick back, relax, watch the trailer, grab Last Day of June for five and a half bucks, and find out what sad story accompanies this beautiful art style and music. Oh, and keep your Minions love private. They’re like a living personification of the dab.

The official trailer for Last Day of June:

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This is the lowest Last Day of June has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $5.80 on GamesPlanet UK.

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buy this game
everyone need to play this game
this is why the videogames are art


this is so cute
-reminds me i need to finish the second half o.0


This game is beautiful!


Don’t know if I have the constitution for it. But the game looks beautiful.


Wonderful game, but not good timing for me. Watching Mithrie Stream the last bits of it. So gorgeous. It gives one the feels.