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Kingdom: Two Crowns - 5/10/20 - $13.99


Today’s deal is the Kingdom Two Crowns!





Father! Father! I know you told me not to bother you while you were matchmaking for arm wrestling opponents at the pub, but sir, I think I’ve gone and seen the king upon the road again!

And then what, son? Are we suddenly noble lords, or even royal court jesters? Why should I leave the pub now, when the bartender has finally gone from “searching” to “connecting”?

Well sir, last time I caught his attention on the road, he tossed me a gold piece!

Bah! Gold! You are truly a bag of wind! And while I’m matchmaking in the pub of all times!

But father, last time he came, I used the gold to buy you your cape for making entrances and exits during important matches!

That old thing? With the old hags sewn into the front? I haven’t touched that thing in months! I thought it was a joke!

It wasn’t hags, father! It was us! I had us embroidered on the blanket with the king’s generosity, as I live to serve you, sir!

Hmm. Well then, perhaps I was mistaken about the old ladies. One’s mind can become quite distracted, what with me matchmaking at the pub and all this silly talk of kings and gold.

Struth, father! I shall not trouble you any longer. I will go wait by the road while you try to arm wrestle a stranger. If I get a coin again, I’ll just come back and give it to you directly.

Hah! Very well, my son. We shall see who’s the weird one here. Oh look, “match starting soon”! Now get out of my way, before I arm wrestle you instead by mistake!

Oh! Haha! You must be joking, father! You know I have brittle bones like a sparrow!

Oh yes, umm, of course. No rough-housing then. But I will sell you off to some other unlucky man.

Thank you for always looking out for me father! Good luck with your match!

Goodbye son! Only return with gold in your pocket!

I will, father!

Everything depends on it!

Okay, sir!

(He leaves)

He’s gonna die on the road for sure.

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Have been watching this game since it came out waiting for a sale (and time to actually play it). No better time then the present if it also means being able to also support my favorite game selling website!

Only thing that could of been improved is to have had a bundle to buy two games with a ever so slight discount (seeing as co-op is a pretty major addition). The reason being is to not to be able to save more (as crazy as that sounds) but instead just to further reinforce the emphasis of the game having that co-op feature.


I haven’t played it, but I imagine it is even better than the first–which I liked a lot.


Love the Bloodstained crossover.