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Killing Floor 2 - 6/10/19 - $9.99/$15.99


Today’s deal is Killing Floor 2!

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Just like every morning, you wake up, take a crap, slap some water on your face, and head down to the kitchen for some coffee and an egg. This is a good routine. It gets you ready for the day ahead, and you’ve been doing it for twenty to thirty years. Good on you. It worked every single day up until a few weeks ago when some chucklehead at Horzine Biotech accidentally created a contamination breach and all of a sudden a bunch of “specimen clones” are everywhere now, ripping people up and ruining pretty much everything. At least we got one more Eurovision in before it all went to shit.

Just like everyone else, you watched the outbreak go down in England first, and just like everyone else, you knew it was only a matter of time before those bastards got across the channel to the rest of Europe. And what do you know? Here they are, ripping up the whole EU now. Isn’t it ironic that the very thing that killed us all was a bunch of brainless old Englishmen who LEFT England to go TO the European Union? Hmm…maybe one more egg isn’t gonna hurt anyone…

But unlike everyone else, you’ve got all these guns, and five highly trained friends to use them, and after a breakfast of coffee and eggs, let’s be honest, you can do almost anything. So go, French killer. Have your food, rile your friends, and step out into the apocalypse. Step out into the apocalypse with your big ass guns and cancel it. Cancel it good, with lots of blood and limbs and devastation. Cancel it, French killer. We’re counting on you. All of Europe is. And if not for us, at least do it for Eurovision. Italy was robbed and I’d hate if that whole country was destroyed before they got another shot.

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This game is badass.

Killing Zeds in Slow-Mo with explosions is so entertaining.


200ish hours in. I have ONLY positive things to say about this game, other than the long loading times.

It’s an easy recommendation.


I read “nothing positive to say” at first and was slightly confused until I read it again. :grimacing:


Great game ! :slight_smile: I do not play it anymore but it was super fun and there’s a lot of content ( even more now i guess ) .


Just wish more people did weekly events. It’s hard for me to find people to que with.