Kickstarter Games, have you supported before? Share new ones!

How do you find the quality of VN’s from Kickstarter? Too Linear? Amateurish? Just right? 18+ patches?


I’ve only played their demos so far, but the quality was good. Both have 18+ stuff, good branching storylines and good art. I’ve tried other VN creators demos, and wasn’t so impressed.

So I guess it depends on the creator. Some are good, others not so.


@Fraggles Yeah, plenty of good points there. I suppose my continued trust is mostly because I think the conditions are different this time around-- the project has a decently sized budget, and there are a few other constants that will make things easier:

  • No custom engine. The game runs on Unreal Engine 4, simple as that. State of Decay and Darksiders are making similar moves. While we have yet to see how Darksiders will do (though I expect it to be something great as Vigil/Gunfire is no stranger to AA budgets for AAA companies), it made a world of difference for State of Decay.
  • Decently sized budget. If they reached their goal (they did), this isn’t a bad place to start. This is actually somewhat in line with some of their older projects. If this were another Kickstarter for $60,000, I’d sadly say that Schafer hadn’t learned and skipped it. He didn’t.
  • Publisher. Starbreeze isn’t a bad publisher by any stretch of the imagination. Granted, this was after the campaign, but I’m glad they went with Starbreeze of all companies. They generally allow for a lot of creative freedom within a AA atmosphere.
  • Veterans. Psychonauts wouldn’t be the same without its cast, and I was happy to see that a lot of both the original developers and the VA crew have returned. Even Erik Wolpaw from Valve was allowed to go on leave to work on the game (Gabe knows what’s up).

If I had any other doubts, Rhombus of Ruin crushed them into oblivion. I avoided spoilers for a whole year, and now I’ve finally played it. It’s basically the reason I ever cared about VR to begin with, and having finally played it, it’s by far my favorite game on the system with no competition.

You’re right that Broken Age was a mess. Can’t deny that, even if I tried… but I do think they made the best of the situation and learned from it, and I’d agree to disagree on the quality of Broken Age. I really did enjoy it, and the only puzzles I found to be obnoxious were the very basic tutorial puzzles (find Grandpa’s knife), and the Hexipal one in Act 2. I found the rest of the puzzles to be highly logical and enjoyable, something that I feel many point-and-click successors have kind of failed to do. I also think Fig as a platform will greatly help a lot of former Kickstarter-funded teams; it eliminates a lot of the problems that Kickstarter devs faced and really feels like a site tailored to large budget projects such as game development.

How about that Phoenix Point, though?


@Enki used Necromancy

If anyone is interested. I tried the demo a while back (first half of this year I think), died a lot, but had lots of fun. Felt like a true zelda-esque experience.

it’s also cute
I miss when 1 usd was equal 2 brl


The only kickstarter game I supported was Battletech by Harebrained Schemes. It was very successful and I only supported it because the developers had a good reputation.

It gave me what I wanted, so I can’t complain.


Not vaporware! :sweat_smile:

got bombs in the mail today

A bit better than I expected tbh