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Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation - 7/2/19 - $14.50


Today’s deal is Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation!





Hey bud!

Oh, hey MARK. What do you want this time?

Aw, what’s the matter? Demon apocalypse turn you into a sourpuss?

Yes, Mark. You could say that. Or maybe it was just watching my family get ripped apart, not sure which…

Well, yeah, I mean it’s a real bummer for sure…

Yeah, it is a real bummer for sure, MARK. And yet here you are, just like always, being way too chipper for the occasion.

Oh, is that what this is? You’re mad because I’m too chipper? Well you tell me then, Zack! What should I do? Sit around and be a dick to everyone’s who found a way to be happy these days? That sounds like a great plan!

At least it doesn’t make me seem like a serial killer!

…so why did you come over here in the first place?

Well, I found some Chili Cheese Fritos bags under a burnt-out car, and they’re still good. You wanna split ‘em?

(Sigh)…yes. But it’s just because I fucking love those. I still think you’re weird for being happy all the time.

I see…well, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, Zack.

You? What kind of secret? That you’ve been learning how to juggle in your down time?

Oh HA HA. No, I was gonna say that I’m not actually happy, and that I put on that goofy demeanor because it makes people feel like things are a little more normal.


Yeah. Now do you feel like a dick or what?

Okay, no, I don’t because you’re still annoying, but now I respect you more.

Alright. I guess I’ll take it.

…and I have been juggling a bit…

Oh, screw you, Mark. Now gimme some of those Fritos.

Yeah yeah yeah…

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If you get this game, make sure you get the FREE DLC too.

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