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Journeying into the heart of darkness (or playing Dark Souls for the first time)


You won’t, I beat him, I just wanna know if you consider him good or a bad boss :stuck_out_tongue:


well, if he beat u, he obviously wasn’t that good



Yeah I think Pontiff Sulyvahn is one of the best and most fun fights in the game, there are a few more that are comparable and a couple others that could be if they were harder.

How did you find it yourself? Did you not find it enjoyable?


Oh I definitely enjoyed it, especially the first time I tried him, got me laughing simply cause I was so impressed by his moveset and the action going on hahaha it was pretty cool. When he goes into the second phase he just becomes a gank tank which reminded me of the darklurker eww. Anyway, summoned the NPC phantom and then it was fair :smile:
Am playing pure melee btw


Well each to their own, I’ve played without summoning any help thus far. I’ve found it tends to make the fights far too easy. I’ve tried it a couple of times against a few bosses just to test it out. But if I ended up accidentally killing the boss that way I restored my save files to do it on my own.


He’s a real prick as melee only + I only summon NPCs, which should represent the intended difficulty.


I’m certain 95% of players do “melee only”, people only do mage builds as a lark on the side of their 5th play through and no one seriously uses bows, especially not in boss fights. Can you imagine trying to line up a shot at the pontiff? There’s no such thing as a safe distance from him, he’ll launch himself at you before you’d even knocked an arrow.

He’s certainly a tough fight, but that’s also what made him so much fun to to me. He was one of the first bosses I legitimately struggled with and felt like I properly improved against and really learned something from. The 2nd phase feels a little unfair at first but it’s all about figuring out what’s going on and spotting the openings and weaknesses.

As for intended difficulty as far as I’ve heard that’s supposed to be NG+1, I’m looking forward to trying that out soon. But as I said each to their own, at first I didn’t think I’d enjoy being stuck on a fight for hours or days until I beat it either, but after doing it a few times especially after the pontiff I really started having a great time with it.

Edit: Oh and as a by the way. Since you’re recently past Sulyvahn I’d recommend, no urge, you to turn your online play back on. Go out on the terrass right behind his room overlooking a small courtyard, grab your red soapstone and put your name down. You wont lose anything and you don’t even have to be embered.


One thing I was actually really interested in trying out after reading about all the improvements made to bow gameplay in DS3 was a run where I’d mainly use a bow. That idea died really fast though when I saw how fast the vast majority of the enemies were. The idea originally came from a Demon’s Souls run where I largely relied upon White Bow. Too bad using only a bow leads to a pretty shallow gameplay experience in a Souls game, even if you don’t mainly use it to cheese the enemies from outside their detection range… I guess you can get some enjoyment out of bows if you’re creative enough though.


Remember, Dark souls is best played with friends… And so many dark souls videos prove it.


I gotta say I enjoyed the dancer a lot more, both visually and gameplaywise, makes for a really cool fight without any need for the boss to be a tank and/or clone himself :grimacing:


Falling off into oblivion, losing souls and the threat of Soul Memory are fast becoming annoying…more haste, less speed!


The dancer is a pretty cool fight I certainly agree, she’s one of the ones I found a little too easy though. It would have been cooler if it was a fight that lasted a little longer and maybe she could have used one or two more moves. Maybe some sort of faster stabby move to mix things up a little from all the large long sweeps.

There’s a somewhat unfortunate trend in the bosses of DS3 where as soon as you figure out the “trick” to it the fight becomes almost trivial. Some bosses you can just lock down and they wont use half their moves against you, moves that felt unfair and ridiculous while you were ‘doing it wrong’ and killed you too damn fast.

This means you do not actually have to learn how to deal with those moves, just have to make the boss not use them. As opposed to the Pontiff who always throws everything he’s got at you, you have to learn how to handle his whole move set which means the fight where you finally win is a full and satisfying fight where you properly bested him. Some other fights I come off a little unsatisfied, even if I’ve done it 20 times ‘wrong’ first, the final fight just feels a little like ‘oh was that it?’ or I just feel like I got through by luck as he didn’t do that one or two things that always kills me.

Oh and if you’re just past the dancer, this is the point where I embarked on the Ashes of Ariendel DLC. I think I’d recommend it to you at this point if you have it. I had a pretty hard time with it, but I had a really good hard time. What is your soul level at now? I think I was just above 80 at the time myself.


I think I was 70 when I faced her, but I unfortunately don’t have any DLCs :confused: none for DS2 either (which is why I quit it before embarking on NG+.)


That’s a shame, I’d strongly recommend them both at this point.


I’ll get them if they are on sale soon. Or if I find someone trading them.

I’m done wt this shit for tonight. First the absolutely unhinted way to progress so I had to look it up which spoilered me ofc, then the already unjustified framedrops in that prison of the undead things place and now it even crashed on me, fuck this pos. It can’t be so hard to have a game not crash, especially not one of this scale.


I’ve managed to get myself past the first boss of the Ringed City DLC and gotten into the actual Ringed City proper, anything I say in this post could be consider spoilers for this part of the game. Though rather weak ones at that.

Today and yesterday I’ve been stuck on a part so short I can see where I die just a short jog from the bonfire I start at. They’ve managed to jam in a remarkable amount of enemies into a very small space here and not even made it feel cramped either. The whole place is very vertical in nature. You start up top and fight your way through a couple of buildings down to “street level”.

Where I go to die

The path there only actually has 2 properly threatening enemies, both knight types. First one with a big fiery sword and a 2nd one with a big fiery spear. The spear guy is a huge challenge mainly because he camps out at the bottom of some stairs in a small room full of pillars so you do not get to dictate distances and they keep hiding behind their large shields.

Once you’ve beaten him you find yourself on a long large set of stairs which are being patrolled by giant headless overgrown armour sets. Previously in this game you’ve encountered these one at a time in almost ideal combat arenas, not this time. 3 of them are wandering up the stairs when you first get there, but you can wait them out and they’ll spread out a little and you can get some of them with a jumping attack from above for a clean easy kill that also looks pretty cool.

No head? No problem!

The reason I keep dying here though is that this game likes to deal massive amounts of damage to you, doesn’t much matter how much healing you got in your pocket when 2 hits kills you. So even though I’ve today managed to get to this point almost unscathed and with all my estus intact. You only need one mistimed roll to take a lethal blow and stairs are not ideal places to fight. Something’s amiss about the whole thing and whether you’re rolling up or down it seems to have an impact on timings and gets you hit unexpectedly.

Still have not managed to find a bonfire down there, I am almost certain there’s gotta be one very close by. I’ll find it tomorrow.

The dark souls games are known for their ragdolling models that can result in some pretty hilarious and stupid effects,

some times though it comes through and you get some pretty neat results.


Not if you lure them 1 by 1 :sunglasses:

So what was supposed to be the worst boss? I fail to identify which one exactly you meant.

Edit: I saw some screenshots of the DLC and I want the Season pass SO BADLY now, but 18€ is a lot :confused: especially cause I saw it’s been down to 12 bucks before.


I meant Yhorm the Giant. He’s the worst boss in the game by a decent margin.


Ohhhh, that guy. On my first try I noticed nothing I could do would harm him reasonably so I looked his weakness up which made the fight a joke lol
See, I almost forgot he was a thing, that’s how bad that boss is :sweat_smile:


The worst part about it is that the game commits one of the greatest sins a game can here, breaking it’s own conventions. Up until this point the game has thrown challenges at you of all kinds and it’s been up to YOU to get good enough to beat them and up until that point you have.

Then here all of a sudden the game relies on a gimmick, sure I’m told you CAN spend hour and a half hacking away at his ankles but that’s not a challenge that’s just tedium. To make the whole thing even worse the gimmick isn’t something that just anyone can use either, it’s a god damned greatsword so anyone who’ve built themselves to be light and fast is going to have to completely change out their gear to accommodate the damn thing. So now those people wont be able to play the game the way they’ve committed themselves to play, which has been another point thus far, you decide how you want to play dark souls. Some approaches are more suitable or easier than others but anything that’s viable is viable for the whole game. EXCEPT here.

Once you’ve figured out what you need to do the fight is instantly trivial not because you’re better than you were when you first got there, but because you’re just cheesing the fight with an item specifically designed for this purpose. They COULD have made it a challenge still. That there’s this being in the world that is so much more powerful than you that you can’t beat him without this special allowance kind of shits on the lore as well. You’re supposed to best all these powerful beings to supercharge yourself to be a worthy sacrifice to the flame. At this point Yhorm would have been a better candidate to kindle the first flame, even though he already did so once.

Yhorm just shouldn’t have been in the game at all the way he ended up. Should have just given his throne spot to the crystal mage or something.