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Jotun: Valhalla Edition - 3/14/19 - $3.95


Today’s deal is Jotun: Valhalla Edition!





If you ever stopped believing that hard work was the best way to get good at something, that’s probably because you’ve never heard of vikings or animators. Now obviously, one is a crazy strong Norse warrior and the other draws a bunch of super similar looking pictures to create the illusion of motion, and we guess it goes without saying that the combination of the two is ridiculous except oh yeah hold the phone, that’s exactly what Jotun is all about.

Now, like us, your first thought was probably dudes in fur huddling around drawing boards in 1930’s sweatshop style conditions, drinking mead and figuring out how to add sound effects to Steamboat Willie, but actually, it’s more that Jotun is a sick exploration-based action game with completely hand-drawn animation, and if that doesn’t get whoever made this game into Valhalla as a brave and unflappable warrior, we don’t know anything that will.

And actually, it’s funny that should even come up (except no it’s not, because we wrote this description for this exact purpose), since Thora, the hero of our story, actually has to get herself on that very exclusive Valhalla guest list, since she wasn’t actually able to die an honorable enough warrior’s death. Isn’t that metal as f**k? Not to mention that there’s a grip of sick beasts to fight, all the voiceovers are in real Icelandic, and your main weapon is a giant two-handed axe, so yeah folks, try this game out today, and rejoice because you only need to drop four little bucks to get it, and maybe it’s just cause we can’t resist a killer game deal, but that’s pretty darn neat in’s book.

Not that we have an actual book where we write down how cool stuff is, mind you. It’s just an expression.

The official trailer for Jotun - Valhalla Edition:

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This is a really good game. The boss fights are really difficult. I think the last time i played, i was stuck on the ice boss shown in the video thumbnail above.


Eh, I thought it was okay. The artwork and concepts were interesting, but I found the gameplay itself to be sorely lacking. Exploration was slow, combat was monotonous, and bosses were “hope you chose to be in the right place because even though you see the attack coming, you’re too slow to do much about it.” The framework of Norse mythology kept me going, but not enough to recommend it.


I respectfully disagree. There is a definite strategy:


When did I say there wasn’t a strategy? You’re conflating proaction with reaction.


You didn’t explicitly say there was no strategy but your word choice implies it. If you have a strategy, then you don’t need to “hope to be in the right place” and you take attack speed into account.


My word choice implies nothing of the sort, you continue to read what you want to read and not what I type. If you want to argue with a straw man, that’s fine, but it’s not very productive. I said that it’s unpleasant to react because of the speed of the character. That doesn’t stop you from learning the patterns of the boss and planning accordingly, but to present the player with a “tell” and little time to deal with it is not what I consider good game design. The attacks may as well be instantaneous at that point (which may feel unfair but might be less annoying).

Which, I remind you, would still not mean you cannot learn their patterns and plan accordingly. I simply did not find it enjoyable and would encourage anyone considering the game to read just a few of the 1485 negative reviews (as of this time) to see if the game is really what they’re looking for.