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Jotun: Valhalla Edition - 11/5/19 - $3.75


Today’s deal is Jotun: Valhalla Edition!





People will tell you all the time that modern society is the best it’s ever been, and they’ll cite all sorts of data about how much less violence and death there is these days, and how much easier it is in 2019 for so many different types of people to live life exactly how they want, but to us, one of the clearest specific examples of how far we’ve truly come in this respect is that over the years we’ve been given a lot more leeway in defining exactly what it means to have a “glorious death”.

In the time of the Vikings, for example, it was pretty much just dying in battle that sealed the deal for you. You go out there, you get your head cut off, bada-bing, bada-boom, drink mead in the valhalla forever. Now though, in wacky futuristic internet world, if say, one day somebody figured out how to go out by jumping into the Grand Canyon while shredding on a see-through Flying V in the driver’s seat of a Cadillac made of sizzling applewood smoked bacon, that would only be one of infinite glorious possibilities. We’re not sure WHY anyone would ever do this, but the point is, we don’t even have to ask. Truly, we do not realize how good we have it in this post-modern digital age of infinite paths and chances.

Which is why, today, we honestly think it might be good for you to give Jotun a try. It might remind you what it was like to live in a simpler time, before guitars were transparent and cars were made of cured meats; after all, there is something to be said for proving yourself. So what do you say, warrior? Will you strive for glory? Will you face your whole life (AND technically death) for who you truly are? Maybe you won’t get that far, after all, you’re not a viking, and it’s just an incredibly affordable video game, but then again, maybe you will.

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I haven’t played this yet but I got it from Chrono’s Day of the Girl’s official game store page back in October. I didn’t check the amount as it was for charity.


Own this one one GOG already. <3


Impress the Gods by stubbing their toes! I mean, you are tiny while fighting these behemoths. So… Make them stub their toes!