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It's Still 2019 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


same, and even tho it’s technically more expensive on humble for € (since it has a base price of 25 instead of 23 like on steam) it’s still 20cents saved with monthly discount, and i get to use the rest of my wallet too :grin:
and you get to pat yourself on the back and stroke one’s neckbeard because of the whole charity thingy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
“Humble, for the smug hipster gamer” :rofl:


Thanks @YQMaoski for the site…and @Gnuffi for the reminder about my discount…LOL Thanks to both :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Edit: Sorry, @Fraggles. didn’t mean to slight you. Thank you for bringing the game to my attention. I even saw it in my Steam feed but it didn’t register until this thread…:heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:


ty so much for the heads up dude, bought it for myself and an additional copy for the kids too

I never realized this was the base game + additional stuff


From the developer that made Absolute Drift (which is amazing, you should play it)


Prepare for a long wait. This is Square Enix (who very rarely do sales), and it isn’t Secret of Mana they’re selling, it is a title that sold exceptionally well and was very well received and is still being sold at that price on the Switch. It’ll be $60 on Steam for a long time. :sweat_smile:


I can wait, I’m glad they brought to the PC, but with those regional prices they won’t be seeing huge sales, I think (come on people). The game is not the 8th wonder anyway, it’s just something cool I saw at one of the E3, I would be more excited for a FFT War of the Lions port than Octopath Traveler. :rofl:


Just a reminder…Less than hour before the price goes up to $39,99.

Yes, I got it…Just haven’t activated it yet.


Yes, yes. I would be more excited for that too. And to be honest I would probably pay that insane price for it too. :sweat_smile:


this is a sequel ?


Shovel Knight was the base game. Treasure Trove contains the base game, plus the two additional games they made after that, Plague Knight game, and Specter Knight game, with their names. All are included in it, but you can buy the pieces individually also.

They are making another game with King Knight, and then adding Battle Mode to complete the development and Treasure Trove will be done. Again, likely the different parts will be able to be purchased separately. Buying Treasure Trove will yield everything, which is why the price will go up with the next update.

They were a little unclear about the timing but they did suggest that the price will go up soon.


I dont think you can buy the plague knight game separately though, at least not on Steam


You are right, I stand corrected. I knew Specter Knight game was available, so I thought the other would be too.


Well, Total War: Three Kingdoms came out yesterday (before that?) and it has high reviews and is supposedly good.

I want it but I really love these games mostly for the mod support that ends up coming down the line, though that isn’t to say I don’t enough the base game. I wonder if they locked it like they did Britannia and Atilla so you can’t do much modding at all, like campaign map, events etc. :thinking:

Anyhow, SplitGate came out as F2P, it is like a Halo-y Warframe like game.


Thanks for answering @yoel666’s question. Yesterday was a busy day…:exploding_head:


ty u for the support


This is being released May 29. Looks pretty cool.


13 days…


Computex is THIS WEEK!


look at this
look the price


Well lather me in peanut butter and call me mcsally, AMD done gonna swimming in gold. :joy:

I should have waited, broken PC be damned, and gotten myself a Ryzen 7 3xxx. Damn you i7-8700k! :rage: