It's 2021 - Time to Hype New Releases or something

@GeekInUndies the game looks sick, hopefully will be gameplay-wise.

Im looking forward to Desperados 3 atm, looks promising so far, please THQ don’t let me down, Desperados 2 was a disgraceful attempt to a Call of Juarez duel system.
Talking about Call of Juarez, loved the series, especially Gunslinger, historically accurate, great voice acting, beautiful graphics. I really do hope a new CoJ will come out, because this tweet was such a big tease.


Been waiting for this…Now I have to wait for a sale or a bundle.

It’s got oceans, fish and the voice of Mira Furlan, Delenn of Babylon 5 fame. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


@delenn - underwater swimmies! If you can explore a ton, that would be so much fun indeed. ^^

@GeekInUndies Someone must tell John Wolfe about the Werewolf game, he has a hankering, lol.
Also Afterlife feels… I agree: pleasedon’tsuckpleasedon’tsuck (like Man of Medan :deciduous_tree: ) pleasepleasedon’'tsuck


Honestly this looks bonkers. Resident Evil in sort of 19th century lovecraftian setting with werewolves ?

Also, DEMON’S SOULS REMASTER? Yes please! I hope it will release on PC as well sometime down the line,


Unfortunately it’s not happening … Sony won’t let go the license ever as long as it sells consoles on it’s own like it does. Same applies to Bloodborne.


Still insist ResE 7 never happened, but VIII - I’m there for that.


A man can dream though? You are most likely correct. Though i’m not going to buy PS5 just to play Demon’s Souls while i would buy it on PC in an instant so my only hope is that they will see how much money there’s to be made on PC with these titles and stop being corporate dicks and let people enjoy their stuff meanwhile filling their pockets with cash.

You can always pretend they are bad at counting and just forgot number 7 … hey, it happens right?


So this is also coming to PC!


I wonder why the decided to not use their already established and hugely well known English title of Harvest moon and also why they chose specifically a GBA release to port and not one of the many home console releases.


The short answer is because I don’t think they own the name Harvest Moon. I believe Natsume owns it. Story of Seasons is published by XSEED.

So as I understand, Marvelous broke from Natsume and needed to come up with a new name.


Ehhh… 2021… but…


I don’t know if this was ever shared here on Chrono, but I just found out this site which displays the various game announcements from shows, comes with infos such as planned release date, platforms, genre and ofc, the trailer. And there’s a feature to mark any that you already watched, which I assume is saved via cookies.


then why is horizon zero dawn coming to pc?

the world is changing (has already changed); they’ve done it once, it will happen again

there’s already (unconfirmed) screenshots for Bloodborne that point to it coming to pc as well (ofc, it could be fake info)

Death Stranding is a good example of how things are different.

The fact is, if horizon zero dawn nets Sony millions (which it will without a doubt) on pc, that will definitely cause them to reconsider, and they might just do the same thing with many other games (release them on pc years after original release, after doing so no longer makes a difference to their console sales)

if anything, it might boost PS5 sales cuz the sequel has been announced so now tons of pc players are going to be like, ooooh, i played the first one but now i dont get to play the second unless i get that PS5…


This is actually something really interesting to consider. Wouldn’t it help sell more consoles to make the previous games more widely available, and drive up demand for the next, after the game isn’t selling consoles anyway? Unless you’ll just have people saying “I could just wait another 3 years”, but I’m not sure that’s more likely.


There are rumors they will be bringing several PS4 games to PC. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do exactly this, bringing them out to PC at strategic times right before their sequels are coming to PS5, just like they’re doing with horizon zero dawn


But you are all forgetting about a thing

We don’t bow down to console peasants, we would never subject ourselves to their inferior platform.
Be on PC or begone.


Some indie games from these latest shows:

No Place for Bravery

Morbid: The Seven Acolytes

Serial Cleaners


Gestalt: Steam & Cinder

Vigil: The Longest Night

West of Dead



Weird West


I felt the need to give a call-out to this as well (releasing tomorrow):

watched some gameplay of it, and it basically looks like a reskin (almost, though ofc setting and characters are different, and also some different skill sets ofc, but also a lot of pretty identical ones) of:

but i’d say that’s a good thing in this case

(maybe it’s a bit expensive though?)



I know, I know, I know, pre-ordering is bad, and I rly regretted getting Rage 2 early (or perhaps getting that at all even), lol, but i rly cant help it with Star Wars shit