It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


I’ll be adding it to my wishlist. Thanks for the recommendation. :+1:


might be cool


woa, wth is with the mass influx of endless shooters lately, did someone decree arcade shooters were in short supply/high demand? - the guy that made brutal doom mod is also releasing a bullet spam monster fest game, there is so many of them coming out atm o.0


I guess everyone was expecting when COVID hit, it would end up with the survivors shooting infected zombies in the face, but then they got endless lockdowns instead, so this is a way to cope now :joy:


I’m not going to pitch this game too hard to anyone since i personally havent played it but from what i’ve seen and from what few of my followed and trusted ( lets use this word ) youtubers have said this looks to be pretty unique and interesting game.

So just a shoutout .


sees tag, “single-player” - on to the wishlist it goes :blush:
edit, ahaha, it was already on the list :smiley:


Just saw this one pop, I love the dark atmosphere


That Arthur game looks great!


Nice to see a little bit more of this game and that is not dead, also, release date!


To my wishlist it goes. Thanks for the recommendation! :+1:


Just released \o/

Not sure if everyone gets the 20% discount but they said in discord that everyone does, but steam will show 10% here. I got 20% on my purchase.

Also, there seems to be some crossover with Salt and Sanctuary, with a quest and some equipments. Really nice :smile:


Oh, my poor Wishlist…:joy::joy::joy:


Sakuna got me adding too.


Oh, they finally added a steam page, I’ll add to the post then, thanks!



Oh look,another game there Nazies are bad and Communists are somehow good lol.


This game feels like if you put Castlevania and Dark Souls in a blender.

Either way, to my wishlist it goes, heh. And so does that Sakuna game. :smile:

Thanks for the recomendations!


Very few people talked about this game so I’m posting this here for good measure.


How did I miss this??? Loved the first one…


same game, just updated

One new stage with a brand new Boss, sub-boss, rune, weapon and achievements!
Jump-in/Jump-out Local Co-op, a friend can join anytime to help on your quest!
Localization in Japanese and Korean

us owners of the old version get a 50% discount on the update