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It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


Anyone think the Warhorse Studio’s dev stream for Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be something of a content update, or a sequel? It could mean something new for us! :slight_smile:

Hopefully some awesome news!


wouldn’t a sequel be awful fast tho ? (suppose not if they went the Bethesda rehash route :laughing:)
i haven’t even tried it yet (pretty sure i own it?) + i actually kinda kept being put off by people mentioning the same little gripe issues they had :sweat_smile:
^crossing fingers i’ll get around to it sometime :crossed_fingers:, it does look good i think


it is truly a wonderful game, rly feels like a Middle Ages Simulator, i never finished it and often wonder if i should reinstall and go back

it’s a huge game too


i saw someone mention somewhere, twitter?, they had spent like “hours” on plundering toilets and what not for every little thing they could find to try and sell because ultimate hoarder syndrome - just to be, ofc, "over-encumbered", and had to limb back to the market or wherever
^it both put me off and made me excited at the same time, massive fallout/skyrim feels :joy:


It could be yea, so its probably just modding tool updates or, if not that, some sort of content package or a smaller game. I wouldn’t be surprised whatsoever if they tried the mobile market, like the Witcher. lol

That said, if the engine has been completed (and it still looks gorgeous) they could have immediately leapt to development of a sequel…or, that alleged fantasy game from Rockstar. xD


It is worth playing to the end. I lost my save around the end so I’m starting new, but depending on where you were, I’d wager you’d be experiencing even greater content. :slight_smile:


Ok so funny thing just happened.

Playstation released a trailer for Demon’s Souls Remake and at the very end it showed info that it will be available on other platforms in the future. Sadly trailer itself was promptly removed and swapped with ‘Playstation 5 Exclusive’ version.

Which suggests that they actually ARE planning to bring it to the PC sometime down the line ,and to reduce whining from Playstation fanboys they quickly swapped that particular part of the trailer.

I’m hopeful!

EDIT : More about it here


I doubt it was playstation fanboys who complained but PS5 marketing executives who had a proper conniption when they saw it.


Maybe i should have added ‘incoming’ before that ‘complaining’ . Trailer was up for a very short time.

And maybe you are right. But look how many people were unhappy that Horizon Zero Dawn got a PC port. “It’s our game” they said. Like what?


Yeah people who cheer for exclusivity deals have some really messed up priorities. No one lose out on anything with a game being ported from consoles to PC.


It has to be coming to other platforms. It makes no sense that it was “human error” to create an entire trailer with that information in it, and then later add it to their own articles (though it was promptly removed). If this were truly a mistake, it means it passed through their quality teams without so much as a batting of the eye. So either it means they are (very) incompetent or someone wasn’t told it is unreleased information.


After that Demon’s Souls trailer was taken down and uploaded with a PS5 exclusive tag, a bunch of fanboys saying “Great thing”, “I am relieved”, “Good to see that’s only PS5” and things like that. Like if a game being on another platform than their preferred one is going to take away from their enjoyment :roll_eyes:

Anyway, Horizon: Zero Dawn was not just an experimentation. I believe in the future, more Playstation games will come to PC. It makes sense. It’s not like everyone will leave consoles behind. Consoles are still for the masses and will sell millions, despite the games being on PC. Releasing games on PC is just another way of making more money. You sell on console, you sell on PC, you sell on both for the double dippers.

What are some of the most played games on console? Call of Duty, Fifa, Fortnite, to name a few, and all of them are available on PC!


Hades been mentioned a few times around here and its finally out of early access and in 1.0. Really great game if you are into roguelikes. Currently 20% off as well.