It's 2020 - Time to Hype New Releases or something


I just saw the trailer for this COOL game called 8-Bit Adventures 2. I didn’t even know about this, but the trailer so dang LIT. I want to play it so bad! Gonna have to find the first one and get it, too!


Oh! Some gameplay footage!


lol this game

not something i’d play myself, and i’d especially not want my kids to even see it, but pretty funny watching Lirik play it though


For @YQMaoski



I still have to get and give the first Spelunky a chance. I think I have it on GOG, or my siblings do. Hmm.


This one got announced today during the Reals Deep event:

Steam page:


A release date! I am so excited. :grin: I imagine spending more time with this one compared to the first game, there are so many new and exciting changes. It looks absolutely amazing by the information video released a few weeks ago.

It’s only 2 weeks after the PS4 release, so I am happy to wait. The thing I am super excited about is the online coop.


This game appears to be rly great at what it sets out to do. I find it perhaps a bit too dark and bloody for my taste, but I’m sure some ppl here might enjoy it:


I played the demo and it was fun. Really fast paced. Yeah theres lots of blood and all, but since the graphics are retro and not realistic, it lacks that impact, imo of course.



20€(for org owners) for a fov slider :cry:


Releases Sept. 23rd


Shame, but kind of expected. Let’s hope the expansion has more substance and is more up to the standards of today.


I don’t think I have it and now that I look at the game, it looks really cool. For a re-master, I think the price is justified. You have to remember, they didn’t just run it through a machine. Tons of people worked on that remaster, and they gotta be paid. It could be worse…it could be $39.99! xD


if you watch the review you can see that the changes from the original to remaster are completely minimal, thus no they can’t have had a ton of people doing a lot of work on it, since it’s barely less than a patch, making it not really worth 20€ for owners, and ridiculous to charge 40 for when the original was half that until they pulled it from steam (can still get it on Origin i think)
it’s a non-remaster Remaster


Pretty much what Dark Souls Remaster is . Bare minimum.


idono man, DS remastered at least slightly touched the graphical aspect, when i’m looking at YT videos and comparison videos this looks to be even more minimal than that
-not sure if anyone can tell by me ranting on and on, but i’m sorta disappointed/pissed off: because i freakin loved the original, and had hoped for something more than what ex reshade offered in terms of graphical update…
so far the forum on steam seem to be split, people that feel the QoL improvements are enough to warrant 20/40€ and those that feel it’s so little/minimum it’s a “mean” cash grab
-then with potential performance issue on top (varies) which makes me hesitant to “celebrate” even more, since i kinda want to support it, reaaally wanting a decent sequel, but also leaning somewhat towards the camp of feeling a small list of QoL might not justify this non-remastered Remaster even if “i” get it for “only” 20€…
bummed out, but torn


I’ve played the original, liked it a lot and was really looking forward to this one but honestly paying 40 euros for game i’ve already played and basically nothing was done to it seems like waste of money. I’m going to wait for inevitable sale because i guess they are not going to do too hot in sales departament.

I’ve got Dark Souls Remastered for 3 euros on sale + discount for owners of PTDE so that was an okay value for me. I didint need to mod the game every time i’ve installed it to unlock 60 fps and so on.

They did touch it but touching it didnt mean that all they touched has been improved. Some textures actually looks even worse now than in the original . Only real value was adding what modding community has already achieved over the years into one package.


Watched a video of someone playing this, what an interesting take on the management genre. Basically you’re in charge of a nomad tribe and you have to collect and manage your resources to reach a certain place.

I love the bobbing llamas. :rofl:


I’ve played the original DS and then Remastered. Looks a lot better, a bit sharper with clearer textures. The problem is that they touched up the surfice stuff, so when it still hung about a ugly skeleton it looks…weird. Still technically a remaster though, and not too bad.


Also available on switch. No GOG though. :neutral_face:


Well, Conan Exile’s largest expansion and the first to include a new area, “Isle of Siptah” has released today. It looks so dang good. If anyone you like Conan Exiles, I’m sure this expansion will be great for you! :slight_smile: